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School of Law


The MA in Security and Diplomacy Studies at UCLan Cyprus is a new course, being introduced at a time of heightened interest in such fields of international relations. The end of the Cold War appears not to have heralded, after all, any “New World Order”. The globe remains as troubled as ever by Great Power rivalries, local and regional antipathies, the absence of any (international) rule of law, economic and financial disruption and dislocation, and military (whether conventional or non-conventional) proliferation. The media (including the film industry) has never been more obsessed by gangsters, terrorists and spies, as well as the early 21st century’s contribution to employment, in the form of bloggers and hackers.

The MA in Security and Diplomacy Studies will be taught by those with years of experience and undisputed achievement in the diplomatic profession, international organisations and the military. The international environment currently renders those with relevant scholarly expertise, obtained from internationally respected academic institutions, a wealth of diverse career opportunities. The course has been designed with a mind to maximising these further, with individual modules focusing on such matters as public diplomacy, military and strategic thinking, and role play.

Cyprus has much to contribute in the field of international relations: what with its favourable geographical position; good diplomatic relations with a range of, often antagonistic (with each other), partners; and, the opportunity to play a central role in the stabilisation of a long troubled region. It is, timely, therefore, with its emerging credentials as a world-class University that UCLan Cyprus introduces this important course in Security and Diplomacy Studies.



IR4024 Modern Diplomacy 10   More Details
IR4027 Security: State & Society Protection from Internal & External Threats 10   More Details
IR4023 Crisis Simulation 10   More Details
IR4013 Research Methods in International Relations 10   More Details
IR4029 Dissertation 30   More Details
IR4025 Propaganda and Public Diplomacy in an Era of Multimedia Proliferation 10   More Details
IR4026 The European Union, Cyprus and the Middle East 10   More Details
IR4020 The Role of International Law in the Attainment & Maintenance of International Peace and Security 10   More Details
IR4028 The History and Evolution of Military and Strategic Thinking 10   More Details
IR4022 International Political Economy in a Globalised World 10   More Details
IR4021 Shifting Spheres of Influence: West Encounters East 10   More Details


Graduates will hold substantive knowledge in the fields of security and diplomacy as well as a wider appreciation of international affairs; all of these being key transferable tools valued highly by a range of employers.

Graduates in the fields of security and diplomacy are highly employable in a wide-range of careers: the diplomatic corps, intelligence services, military, law enforcement, the public service more generally, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, policy “think tanks”, journalism and tertiary education.