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The MSc Forensic Psychology is a unique programme designed to prepare students for numerous diverse or specific careers within the general context of the Criminal Justice System. The programme is built around the fundamental theoretical, methodological and applied areas of Forensic Psychology.

In terms of the programme philosophy, the MSc Forensic Psychology reflects the academic skills underpinning the application of psychology to a forensic setting. It provides a strong emphasis on the application of Forensic Psychology in professional practice and how theoretical concepts are applied. Furthermore, the programme attends to victims and offenders. With regard to the latter, it follows the progression of an offender from their first contact with the criminal justice system until their eventual release into the community and/or transfer to conditions of less security. Attention is given to the victim and pre-trial issues (including civil justice). The role of on-going assessment, intervention and through-care are emphasised throughout the curriculum.

To foster professional growth, the programme places a strong emphasis upon developing professional report writing and presentation skills, methodological rigour, research expertise, independent learning and critical thinking. To facilitate this, students will be exposed to a learning and research environment that is rich in mentoring opportunities from members of the programme team with academic and/or practical forensic experience.

Within the programme, students have the option to take the practical experience module, which includes 1000 hours of supervised practical training.



Advanced Methods in Psychology
Advanced Forensic Psychology Project
Psychology and the Legal System
Personal Attributes of Offenders and Victims
Professional Practice: Forensic Consultancy and Supervision
Forensic Risk Assessment
Psychology, Investigation and the Court Room
Violent and Sexual Offenders: Intervention
Forensic Mental Health
Practical Training
Practical Experience


The course covers a range of forensic psychology topics and allows candidates to strengthen the knowledge and skills that are essential for becoming Certified Forensic Psychologists. The course has been specifically designed to reflect the academic skills required to apply psychology to a forensic setting, including universities, prisons, secure hospitals, probation, police services and the courts.

Overall, the course can prepare students for numerous diverse or specific careers in the public as well as the private sector. It provides graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue careers within the general context of the Criminal Justice System. Students who complete the practical experience module (1000 hours of supervised training) will be able to become registered Forensic Psychologists and practise the profession in Cyprus.


Students should have a minimum of an upper second class honours degree in Psychology (or an equivalent Psychology qualification) recognised by the BPS as conferring GBC.

Students with a relevant degree that does not confer GBC, but has a good match of curriculum, and/or with a relevant lower second class honours degree, but showing a good final year performance, including a good quality dissertation/research project, will be considered on an individual basis.

A minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or equivalent qualifications.