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School of Business and Management


The MA Internship in International Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management offers the opportunity to study core modules whilst enabling further academic preference towards either the tourism or hospitality and event management sector. There is a strong focus upon employability within the service sector industries throughout the course and the management abilities required to work and succeed in this demanding and dynamic industry. From the successful completion of studying principles and practice in tourism, hospitality and events and personal management development, the student progresses onto a specific period of internship within industry.

Appropriate work experience upon which reflective practice may be gathered in any four different, yet complementary forms of independent student learning exists, each reliant upon the individual’s specific knowledge, personal interest and independent/professional career goal. The four forms of industrial practice are: a period of work placement within industry, the opportunity to mentor/shadow key personnel, contribution to a specific consultancy initiative or involvement within an active project management scheme. Our industry links provide scope for organisations to sponsor diligent scholars wishing to undertake this programme.



TL4038 Work-Based Knowledge Experience and Practice 30   More Details
TL4129 Management Consultancy Project 30   More Details
TL4030 Principles and Practice of Tourism, Hospitality and Events 10   More Details
TL4019 International Tourism Management OR 10   More Details
TL4027 Managing Hospitality and Event Operations 10   More Details
Management Development in Tourism, Hospitality and events 10


Acquired knowledge covers a range of topics that allows candidates to advance their management and business careers in a diverse range of sectors including, but not exclusive to, sustainability, event planning, tourism and hospitality.

Employability is also embedded in this programme, which contains several features that support working lives; an emphasis on continuous learning and personal development, reflective practice, teamwork, client skills, and contact with business through applied projects and cases.