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After completing my Bachelor’s degree I decided to study for a Masters degree in order to improve my employment prospects. For this reason I chose to study for an MSc in Marketing Management at UCLan Cyprus. The knowledge and the experience I gained during this course lead me to the UK for an internship and now a permanent job at one of the leading Digital Marketing agencies in Liverpool. Looking back, I could not have made a wiser choice than UCLan Cyprus.

- Christos Shiatis
MSc Marketing Management / UCLan Cyprus

I chose UCLan Cyprus for its excellent facilities and the friendly environment I found at the University.

- Andreas Makris
BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science / UCLan Cyprus

"We are living in a demanding world with increased uncertainty. To overcome these obstacles it is only wise to invest in knowledge. Therefore choosing to study at a British University within my own country was the best lifetime investment".

- Eva Karayianni
MBA course / UCLan Cyprus

I chose to study BSc in Computing at UCLan Cyprus, specialization in Computer Games Development as I look forward to working in this area in the future

- John Hassapis
BSc Computing / UCLan Cyprus

When I visited the University during the Open Day, members of staff were friendly to me. I am looking forward for October!

- Maria Tyrimou
BA Accounting and Finance / UCLan Cyprus

“The Masters degree course on Educational Leadership has increased my confidence as a lecturer and an individual. The expertise I gained through the work session discussions and working on assignments will be very helpful in my future career development. It is an interesting and insightful course.”

- Milena Marinova Poutziouris
MA Educational Leadership / UCLan Cyprus

I chose UCLan Cyprus because of the high standards of education that it offers, as well as the low cost of the fees, which is something very important to consider. Moreover, the university has up-to-date facilities, the courses are taught in English, providing a universal way of learning and using vocabulary that is used worldwide. Lastly one important factor for me is that the university is located in my district.

- Giannis Parpounas
BSc Computing / UCLan Cyprus

My choice of University was dictated by my belief that British Universities are among the world’s best. UCLan with its 150 year tradition gave me the opportunity for UK education here in Cyprus.

- George Kyriakou
BA Business Administration / UCLan Cyprus

There are many reasons for that but i believe that the number one is the financial factor! I was accepted by a university on Greece but i always wanted to stay in Cyprus, so Uclan Cyprus gave me that opportunity.

- Kyriakos Trikos
BSc Computing / UCLan Cyprus

I chose UCLan Cyprus primarily because it is a British University and it offers student mobility. However studying here I have realised that there are many other great advantage. The University has great lecturers, resources, facilities as well as a very helpful and friendly environment.

- Anastasia Butrim, Russian
LLB year 2 / UCLan Cyprus

Choosing UCLan Cyprus as a university to study was a great opportunity for me. The format of British education was quite attractive; especially on an island with such beautiful weather and the perspective to work in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. The environment of a higher education establishment is determined by the people and I realize now that UCLan Cyprus is a great example. I feel very confident with my tutors and peers; I see how thoughtful the staff is. As a course representative, I was very surprised to see how the university follows the British standards and I’m proud of it. I will be very glad to see new comers in our UCLan Cyprus!

- Sofya Kurepina, Russian
BA Hospitality and Tourism, year 2 / UCLan Cyprus

I have made friends with the other International students here at UCLan Cyprus and we are getting to know more of the local students as we get involved in more activities. I am living in the University accommodation which is very nice, with lots of facilities such as a swimming pool and a gym, and living here allows me to meet different students. UCLan Cyprus is even more than I expected, and I am very happy here. At UCLan Cyprus everything operates in a professional way! Lecturers in particular want to make sure that all students understand the material taught.

- Oluwatodimu Akolade Bankole, Nigeria
Law LLB (Hons) / UCLan Cyprus

The reason I chose to do my LLM at UCLan University, is because the LLM programme provides a variety of modules that a student can select according to their interest and that the programme runs for just a “year” (which is time effective, for those who want to finalize their studies in as short period of time). Moreover, I like the security both at School and Accommodation”.

- Gifty Yoseph Habtemariam
LLM / UCLan Cyprus

Everything about UCLan Cyprus is great, and there are really excellent facilities here. I particularly like the fact that there is a Moot Court Room – the only one on the island in an educational establishment; and also a Play Room where all the students can relax playing table football and other games . I am living in university accommodation which is great, again with really good facilities and everyone is made to feel so welcome. I would really recommend UCLan Cyprus, particularly for the study of law.

- Hagop Kasparian
LLB / UCLan Cyprus

UCLan Cyprus is very beautiful and modern and I have been very impressed. I live in Larnaca, and the locals are very friendly. I am studying LLB and it is very interesting. I love all of the teachers, how they teach us and the atmosphere is unbelievable. I have really fallen in love with this university. I love to spend my time here. Every day that I come here, I come with enormous pleasure. My advice to others considering to study at UCLan Cyprus – be friend with everybody and fall love with your course !

- Julia Kharkivska
LLB / UCLan Cyprus

UCLan Cyprus was my first choice because it is the only British University in Cyprus I was surprised with the modern facilities and the learning environment I am really enjoying my time here and would suggest anyone looking for higher education to opt for UCLan Cyprus.

- Vanja Popovic, Serbian
BSc Computing, year 1 / UCLan Cyprus

I am very glad that I transferred my studies to UCLan Cyprus and I am satisfied with both my lecturers and my overall study experience.

- Artem Plakhotuyuk, Ukranian
BSc Computing, year 3 / UCLan Cyprus

UCLan Cyprus is a very interesting University which gives you an opportunity to meet different people from various countries. As far as the academic part is concerned, we are taught by very experienced lecturers. I would advise anyone to consider attending UCLan Cyprus.

- Emmanuel Byiringiro, Rwanda
LLB, year 1 / UCLan Cyprus

It is a fascinating experience to be studying at UCLan Cyprus and it has really increased my educational level.

- Brian Munyaneza, Rwanda
LLB, year 1 / UCLan Cyprus

At UCLan Cyprus there is a very welcoming environment for international students. It is an environment conducive for learning that allows you to gain useful insight.

- Chiwota Tafadwa Keith Louis, Zimbawe
MSc Business Management / UCLan Cyprus

I have had a great experience here at UCLan Cyprus!

- Jinta Zeng, China
BA Business Adminstration, year 1 / UCLan Cyprus

At UCLan Cyprus I have made new friendships!

- Wei Lun Wen, China
BA Business Administration, year 1 / UCLan Cyprus

The environment at UCLan Cyprus is very helpful as it the campus is in a quiet area which allows you to study effectively. When you seek help for any matter you receive all the support needed. I also use the gym quite often which helps me relax from my studies.

- Jindu Na, China
LLB, year 2 / UCLan Cyprus

At UCLan Cyprus there are students from all over the world and this allows you to gain an international higher education experience. It is the best University on the island!

- Seyedehnegar Hejazi, Iran
LLM / UCLan Cyprus

“Cyprus was an ideal location for my choice of studies mainly because it offers Hospitality and Tourism Management and it is exemplary to attain first-hand experience in my field of studies since the economy of Cyprus highly depends on this sector. The University itself has a diverse pool of students giving you the opportunity to work with people from distinct backgrounds. What I love the most about UCLan Cyprus is that the atmosphere within the university is warm and hospitable. Within the classroom, the interaction between the student and tutor is personal ensuring that students obtain individualized attention and as much help and support needed in the academic year in efforts to work towards academic excellence.”

- Alessia Poncia, Italy
BA (Hons) Hospitality & Tourism Management / UCLan Cyprus

I had the opportunity to study a semester at the School of Law of UCLan Cyprus as an ERASMUS student from Riga, Latvia. During my stay I took courses in relation to commercial, shipping and maritime law which is my particular field of interest, and I am highly satisfied with my choice to study here. The University facilities were highly modern and had all the necessary means required for a law student, with the library and databases providing the required materials to conduct advanced legal research. I particularly enjoyed the extracurricular activities such as the Model United Nations, International Court of Justice Moot as well as the guest speakers and seminars that were provided by the School and University. The overall environment at the University was wonderful and very friendly, where it was possible to meet people from all over the world, which made it all even more exciting. After finishing with my studies I had the chance and opportunity assisted by the School of Law to secure a 2 month internship and work experience in a reputable law firm as well as in one of the leading shipping companies on the Island. For more information regarding UCLan Cyprus School Of Law, click here:

- Robert Valpiters
Erasmus Student, School Of Law / UCLan Cyprus