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Entrepreneurship Cluster


Professor Panikkos Poutziouris, Chair of CEDAR

Dr Poutziouris is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Business and Heads the School of Business and Management . He is an internationally recognized academic in the field of entrepreneurship, serving for almost two decades on the Faculty of Manchester Business School - University of Manchester (UK) as Fellow in SME Management, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Visiting Associate Professor for Family Business Initiatives. He lectures, trains, researches, advises and consults on entrepreneurship and strategic development of family businesses and businesses families. Professor Poutziouris Panikkos is former President of IFERA and as active Fellow of Family Firms Institute;  he is acting as the country expert on family business and entrepreneurship policy matters, working with OECD, European Commission and other stakeholder organizations.




Dr Elias Hadjielias, Director of CEDAR

Dr Hadjielias is specialized in the fields of Collective Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Learning, researching these topics within SMEs and Family Businesses for almost a decade. Dr Hadjielias teaches also entrepreneurship-related topics at the MBA and undergraduate levels at UClan Cyprus. He has also relevant business consultancy and professional training experience. Currently, Elias is researching entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning within Cooperative-based SMEs in Cyprus.