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Local & EU undergraduate students

€7,000 per year (original fees € 9,950)

Postgraduate students

€9,450 entire year of studies (original fees €10,500)


Full scholarship of 100% for the first year of study

  • A score of 19.5-20 (97.5%) or a score of 400* points in A’ Levels.

Half Scholarship of 50% of the full fee for the first year of study

  • A score of 18.5-19.49 (92.5%) or a score of 300* points in A’ Levels.

Conditions of Scholarships:

Undergraduate scholarships can be maintained in the following academic years of the course at a value of 50% on the full fee if student achieve an average of 70% in his/her studies in each year.

Scholarships are calculated as a percentage on the full fee:

i.e. A 50% scholarship: 50% x €9,950= €4,975

*For further details please contact the admissions office:admissions@uclancyprus.ac.cy

Postgraduate scholarships

UCLan Cyprus is delighted to offer academic merit based scholarships which are open for all postgraduates programmes. Postgraduate scholarships are available for both full and part time students.

Conditions of Scholarships:
The scholarship comes with a number of responsibilities and expectations. All UCLan Cyprus scholars should be exemplar scholars in both their behaviour and performance during class. They should actively contribute and participate in class discussions and assist in creating a positive, intellectual and exceptional learning environment. All scholars must maintain a grade point average of at least 60%. For each course you receive a grade less than 60% you will automatically lose 10% of the original amount of your scholarship.

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