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UCLan Cyprus


The strategic vision of UCLan Cyprus is to build a leading, modern university with a global reach at the crossroads of three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa), providing undergraduate and postgraduate Higher Education. UCLan Cyprus will be a University recognised for its commitment to the highest student University experience, outstanding research, innovative learning and valuable engagement with industry and communities within Cyprus, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and further afield.


> Promote access to excellence, enabling you to develop your potential
> Value and practice equality of opportunity, transparency and tolerance
> Strive for excellence in all we do: locally, regionally and internationally
> Work in partnership with businesses, the community and other educators


The advancement and protection of knowledge, freedom of speech and enquiry
The promotion of educational opportunity for all
The protection of the rights and freedoms of individuals and respect for diversity
A commitment to health, well-being, sustainability and sustainable development


The advancement of science, knowledge, learning and education, through teaching and research for the benefit of the society as a whole
The cultivation, transmission, implementation and the exchange of knowledge through sciences
The provision of graduate and postgraduate education of high standards that accepts international recognition

UCLan Cyprus will be the first British University to operate in Cyprus through its own, brand new, privately built modern campus, offering prime British Higher Education and the highest standards in every aspect of operation, meeting the needs of our students, the community, and Cyprus' economy. UCLan Cyprus will create global opportunities for its students while promoting networking and enhancing employability prospects for a sustainable, prosperous future. UCLan Cyprus will forge successful collaboration with local & global businesses and the public sector in Cyprus and beyond. UCLan Cyprus will provide high quality and affordable British Higher Education for all its students while adopting a rounded approach encompassing teaching, learning and research. UCLan Cyprus’ graduates will be global citizens with innovative thinking for the real world.