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Mr Apostolos Georgiou




PhD in Law (University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus 2018- 2023)

  • Thesis title: The paradox of constitutional design theories: What should be the constitutional design of the executive [that will promote stability and cooperation] in a divided society?

MA European Governance and Policy (University of Sussex, 2016)

LLB Law (University of Sussex, 2015)

Employment Track

Lawyer since 2016

Memberships (Academic/Professional)

  • Cyprus Bar Association

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the fields of law and political science. More specifically, More specifically, my interests are based on the complexity of the theories of law, sociology, history and political theories. Furthermore, my research interests are influenced froms several other related areas: the constitutional designs theories, political economy, how institutions (and disciplines) change, political parties – ideologies, and the politics of finance.

Other Scholarly and Outreach Activities

  • Member of self-structure organisation for the rights of refugees in Athens
  • Volunteer in self structure camps of refugees and migrants in Athens (2016)