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Dr Aspasia Simillidou

Lecturer in Hospitality and Tourism / Course Leader in MA ITHEM

+357 24694007


PhD in Business Management (University of Gloucestershire, 2016)

MSc Human Resource Management and Organisational Analysis (King’s College London, 2007)

BSc Business Administration – Marketing (Intercollege Nicosia, 2006)

Any other qualifications (e.g. PGCert of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education)

Employment Track

1.Mallouppas & PapacostasTraining manager20072008
2. PeopleAchieveTraining and Consulting20082014
3. CIMAssociate Lecturer20122016
4. IntercollegeAssociate Lecturer20142016
5. Freelance trainerTraining2014Today
6. UCLan CyprusLecturer2016Today

Memberships (Academic/Professional)

  • Accredited trainer (Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus)


Research Interests

My research area is Emotional labour in the hospitality industry. My research interests include the following:

  • Emotional labour in relation to aggressive customers’ behavior
  • Emotional Intelligence and its relationship to Emotional labour
  • Leadership EQ levels and cultural differences regarding this aspect
  • The evolution of the hospitality industry regarding management of employee emotions


Roles and Responsibilities (including past roles and responsibilities)

Teaching and Course Leadership 

  • Course Leader, MA Internship in International Tourism Hospitality and Event Management
  • List of modules taught (no module codes, just the name of the module)
  • Principles of Marketing for Business
  • Contemporary Marketing (MBA)
  • Exploring Management in T.H.E.
  • Creativity and Innovation in the workplace
  • Management in Context
  • Human Resource Management (MBA)
  • Service Excellence in Hospitality and Tourism
  • International Cases in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Tourism and Events: Society, Culture and the Visitor Experience
  • Management Development (MA ITHEM)
  • International Hospitality Management
  • Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Operations
  • Principles & Practices of Tourism, Hospitality & Events
  • Internship: Work-based knowledge, experience and practice

Administrative Roles

  • Bullet point list of any administrative roles (e.g. member of RIC, Erasmus, etc.)


Selective Publications 

  • Bullet point list of some selective publications (Up to 10 of the most important and  5 most recent)
  • Simillidou, A. & Vrontis, D. (2015). Buffering out the Negative effects of surfaceacting during interaction with aggressive customers.  In Vrontis, D., Sakka, G., and Amirkhanpour, M., (Eds.), Management Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management Practices: A Global Perspective (pp. 276-300). UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Simillidou, A. & Christou, P. (forthcoming publication 2018).  A Paradigm Shift From Emotional labour to Genuine emotional display in the workplace. In Experiencing Hospitality, New York: NOVA Science Publishers


Upcoming publications:

1. Simillidou, A. & Vrontis, D. (2018). Emotional labour during aggressive customer interaction in the hospitality industry: Surface or Deep Acting? A current literature analysis.- To be submitted in “International Journal of Hospitality Management” (3 star journal – ABS ranking)

  1. 2.  Simillidou, A. & Vrontis, D. (2018). Overcoming the negative effects of surface acting when interacting with aggressive customers: The case of Cyprus Hospitality Industry 5 star hotels. – To be submitted in Hospitality and Society Journal (2 start journal – ABS  ranking)

3. Simillidou, A., Vrontis, D. & Michael, C. (2018). Recruiting an emotionally intelligent employee in the tourism industry and its effects on deep acting during aggressive customers’ interactions. – To be submitted in Tourism Management (4 star journal – ABS ranking).


Selective Conference and Seminar Presentations 

  • Bullet point list of some selective conference and seminar presentations (up to 10)
  • Business Conferences:
  • 2007: Presentation on “how to handle complaints” at the IMH annual administration conference
  • 2008: Presentation on how to manage stress at the IMH annual administration conference
  • 2008: Presentation on “effective presentation skills” at students at the final year of BSc in Marketing at university of Nicosia
  • 2009: Presentation on “how to increase productivity” at the IMH annual administration conference
  • 2009: Presentation on “effective presentation skills” at students at the final year of BSc in Marketing at university of Nicosia
  • 2009: Presentation on “consumer behavior” on the annual opticians’ conference in Lebanon
  • 2010: Presentation on “how to manage employee relationships” at the IMH annual administration conference
  • 2010: Presentation on “customer service” at the annual opticians’ conference in Cyprus
  • 2011: Presentation on “effective interviewing techniques” at the annual Get the job conference being organized by IMH
  • 2012-2017: Presentation of effective management of Emotions in Organisations at the annual Opticians Association Conference in Cyprus


Selective Research Funding/ Grant Capture

  • Bullet point list of some selective research projects/research funding
    Program/Call, Project Title, Project Role (researcher, assistant, primary investigator, work package leader, etc.), Funding Amount, start year- end year.

Supervision of Projects/PhDs

  • Bullet point list of MSc/PhD student supervision
  • Have supervised a number of MSc student thesis

Consultancy and CPD Training

  • Bullet point list of any consultancy and/or CPD trainingOffering training and consulting in a number of large organisations both in Cyprus and the Middle East (in the hospitality as well as other industries such as telecommunications, shipping, legal, accounting).



  • Bullet point list of any scholarship/awards/international distinctions


Other Scholarly and Outreach Activities

  • Bullet point list of any other scholarly activities, outreach activities, etc. (including participations in councils, publishing committees, other committees).