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Dr Olga Kvasova


[email protected]

+357 24694089


PhD in Industrial marketing (Lulea University of Technology, 2011)

MBA (CIIM, 2006) (Grade A)

BA, MA in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication (Voronezh State University, Russian Federation) (with distinction)

PGCert of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education



Marketing (international marketing, consumer behaviour, marketing research, marketing of services, marketing communications)


Employment Track

Assistant Professor of Marketing, UCLan Cyprus (2016-present)

Lecturer in Marketing/Strategy, UCLan Cyprus (2012-2016)

Head of Corporate Services/Marketing Director, WBL Systems Ltd/DPE Enterprises INC (2005-2012)


Memberships (Academic/Professional)

  • European Marketing Academy
  • Academy of Marketing Science


Research Interests

Key research areas: sustainable consumption, psychological aspects of consumer behaviour, COO effects, consumer animosity


Roles and Responsibilities (including past roles and responsibilities)

Teaching and Course Leadership 

  • Course Leader, BA in Advertising and Marketing Communications (Past: Course Leader, MSc in Marketing Management)
  • Subjects taught:

Contemporary Marketing, MBA, MBA DL

Strategy and International Management, MBA

Perspectives on International Marketing, MSc Marketing Management

Postgraduate Study and Learning, MSc Marketing Management

Marketing Principles for Business, BA Business Administration

Business Environment, BA Business Administration

Marketing of Services, BA Advertising and Marketing Communications

Marketing Essentials, BA Advertising and Marketing Communications


 Administrative Roles

  • member of RIC, SEC, Erasmus committees, an organizer of Research series seminars (2014-2015; 2018-2019)


Selective Publications 

  • Leonidou, L. C., Kvasova, O., Christodoulides, P., & Tokar, S. (2019). Personality traits, consumer animosity, and foreign product avoidance: The moderating role of individual cultural characteristics. Journal of International Marketing, 27 (2), 76-96. ABS 3*
  • Seduikyte, L., Grazuleviciute-Vileniske, I., Kvasova, O., & Strasinskaite, E. (2018). Knowledge transfer in sustainable management of heritage buildings. The case of Lithuania and Cyprus. Sustainable Cities and Society, 40, 66-74. SCImago Journal Rank (SJR): 0.921
  • Leonidou, L.C., Coudounaris, D., Kvasova, O., & Christodoulides, P. (2015). Drivers and outcomes of green tourist attitude and behaviour: Socio-demographic moderating effects. Psychology & Marketing, 32 (6), 635-650. ABS 3*
  • Kvasova, O. (2015). The Big Five personality traits as antecedents of eco-friendly tourist behaviour. Personality and Individual Differences, 83 (September), 111-116. ABS 3*
  • Leonidou L. C., Leonidou, C. N., & Kvasova, O. (2013). Cultural drivers and trust outcomes of consumer perceptions of organisational unethical marketing behaviour. European Journal of Marketing, 47 (3 & 4), 525-556. ABS 3*
  • Leonidou, L. C., Kvasova, O., Leonidou, C. N., & Chari, S. (2013). Business unethicality as an impediment to trust, satisfaction, and loyalty: The moderating role of consumer demographics. Journal of Business Ethics, 112 (3), 397-415. ABS 3*
  • Kvasova, O. (2012). Russian consumers’ attitudes towards European and domestic products, associated marketing unethicality, and their buying and using preferences. Journal of East-West Business, 18 (2), 95-131. ABS 1*
  • Kvasova, O. (2011). Socio-demographic determinants of eco-friendly tourist attitudes and behaviour. Tourism Today, Fall, 73-95.
  • Leonidou L. C., Leonidou, C. N., & Kvasova, O. (2010). Antecedents and outcomes of consumer environmentally friendly attitudes and behaviour. Journal of Marketing Management, 26 (13 & 14), 1319 – 1344. ABS 3*
  • Coudounaris, D., Kvasova, O., Leonidou, L., Pitt, L., & Nel, D. (2009). Fifteen good years: an analysis of publications in Management International Review. Management International Review, 49 (5), 671-684. ABS 3*


Selective Conference and Seminar Presentations/Proceedings 

  • Christofi, M., Kvasova, O., Glyptis, L., & Vrontis, D. (2019). A Critical Analysis of Research on Obesity and Marketing: an Integrative Framework and an Agenda for Future Inquiry. 7th International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 10-12 July.
  • Kvasova, O., & Buffington, J. (2019). Code-switching in Advertising to Ethnic Bilingual Minorities: The Case of Health Care Services. Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science, the 22nd World Marketing Congress (AMSWMC), Edinburgh, 9-12th July, pp. 195-204.
  • Karpasitis, C., Polycarpou, I., Kvasova, O., & Kaniadakis, A. (2019). I See, I Hear, I Speak: How Audiovisuals Affect Brand Video Virality. International Conference on Research in Advertising, Krems, Austria, 27-29 June.
  • Coudounaris, D., Sthapit, E., & Kvasova, O. (2018). Positive emotions, memorable tourism experiences and behavioural intentions: A study of tourists to Cyprus. 8th Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy (GIKA) Conference, Valencia, 25-27th
  • Kvasova, O., & Tokar, S. (2018). Implications of Consumer Animosity for Marketing Strategy. Academy of Marketing Science, the 21st World Marketing Congress (AMSWMC), Porto, 27-30th
  • Kvasova, O., Tokar, S., & Coudounaris, D. (2017). Consumer animosity: the case of Ukraine. 8th European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC Regional), Timisoara, 20-22nd
  • Kvasova O., & Coudounaris, D. (2016). Psychological antecedents and outcomes of green tourism: sociodemographic moderating effects. 49th Academy of Marketing Conference (AM), Newcastle, 4-7th July.
  • Coudounaris D., & Kvasova, O. (2015). Antecedents and outcomes of COO effect: the extension of self-congruity context. 48th Academy of Marketing Conference (AM), Limerick, 7-9th of July.
  • Leonidou, L., Coudounaris, D., Kvasova, O., & Christodoulides, P. (2014). Tourist environmental attitude and behaviour: Antecedents, moderators, and outcomes. 47th Academy of Marketing Conference (AM), Bournemouth, 7-10th of July.
  • Coudounaris D., Leonidou L., Kvasova, O., & Christodoulides, P. (2012). Drivers and outcomes of an eco-friendly tourism attitude and behaviour. Academy of Marketing Science, Cultural Perspectives in Marketing, Atlanta, Georgia, 29th – 1st Sept. Award for the best paper in International Marketing Track.


Selective Research Funding/ Grant Capture

Consortium member of COST Action TD1406: Innovation in Intelligent Management of Heritage Buildings (2015-2019).


Supervision of Projects/PhDs

PhD supervision – Christos Karpasitis. Influence of video content characteristics on virality in Social Media (2013-2016).

PhD supervision – Rizwana Patel. Factors influencing the adoption of IoT home assistants within an AI/IoT environment (2020 – 2023).

PhD supervision – Angela Constantinou. The effect of personality and culture on consumer behaviour during a pandemic (2020-2023).


Consultancy and CPD Training

  • Marketing/strategy consultant for Linopia Ltd (Limassol, Cyprus); Cardpay Ltd (Limassol, Cyprus).


Other Scholarly and Outreach Activities

Reviewer for Tourism Management, Journal of Marketing Management, Sustainability

Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Export Marketing