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Mrs Louiza Sophocleous




PhD candidate Electrical and Computer Engineering (University of Cyprus, 2020)

MSc Biomedical Engineering (Imperial College London, 2011)

BSc-MSc in Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences (National Technical University of Athens, 2009)



Biomedical Engineering (Medical Physics)


Employment Track

Co-Founder and CTO, The Mighty Kitchen (2019 – Present)
Associate Lecturer, UCLan Cyprus (2015 – Present)
Researcher, Biomedical Research Foundation (2016 – 2019)
Special Scientist, University of Cyprus (2017)
Teaching Assistant, University of Cyprus (2012 – 2015)
Assistant Product Team Leader, European Medicines Agency (2010 – 2011)


Memberships (Academic/Professional)

  • Member of the Cyprus Association of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (CAMPBE)
  • Member of Cyprus Medical Physics Association (Cympa)


Research Interests

Research Interests include but are not limited to Biomedical Signal Analysis, Medical Diagnostics and Medical Imaging.


Roles and Responsibilities (including past roles and responsibilities)

Teaching and Course Leadership 

  • Module Leadership/Delivery: Functions, Vectors and Calculus, Calculus and Linear Algebra for Engineers, Mechanics, Mathematical Biology, Critical Analysis, Hamiltonians and Langrancians


Selective Publications 

  • L Sophocleous, AD Waldmann, T Becher, M Kallio, M Rahtu, M Miedema, T Papadouri, C Karaoli, DG Tingay, AH Van Kaam, R Yerworth, R Bayford, I Frerichs., 2020. Effect of sternal electrode gap and belt rotation on the robustness of pulmonary electrical impedance tomography parameters. Physiological Measurement,vol.41,no.3, 035003.
  • Sophocleous, L., Frerichs, I., Miedema, M., Kallio, M., Papadouri, T., Karaoli, C., Becher,T., Tingay, D.G., van Kaam, A., Bayford, R.H., and Waldmann, A.D., 2018. Clinical performance of a novel textile interface for neonatal chest electrical impedance tomography. Physiological Measurement, 1–15.
  •  Sophocleous L, Becher T, Papadouri T, Karaoli C, KallioM, Miedema M, van Kaam AH, Waldmann AD, Nordebo S, Khodadad D, Yerworth R, Dupré A, Bayford R, Frerichs I. Effect of small-volume fluid bolus administration on end-expiratory lung impedance in ventilated neonates, 20th International Conference on Biomedical Applications of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT2018), London, UK
  • S. Nordebo, M. Dalarsson, D. Khodadad, B. Müller, A. D. Waldmann, T. Becher,I. Frerichs, L. Sophocleous, D. Sjöberg, N. Seifnaraghi, R. Bayford “A parametric model for the changes in the complex valued conductivity of a lung during tidal breathing” J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., vol. 51, no. 20, 9 pp, 2018. Extended version on arXiv:1801.01376 [physics.bio-ph].
  • D. Khodadad, S. Nordebo, B. Müller, A. D. Waldmann, R. Yerworth, T. Becher, I. Frerichs,n L. Sophocleous, A. van Kaam, M. Miedema,, N. Seifnaraghi, R. Bayford “Optimized breath detection algorithm in electrical impedance tomography” Physiol. Meas. vol. 39, 11pp, 2018.


Selective Research Funding/ Grant Capture

  • Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, CRADL project (Continuous regional analysis device for neonate lung), Researcher, 2015-2019



  • 1st Prize in the 2015 FameLab Cyprus Competition in Science Communication http://www.famelabcyprus.com
  • Scholarship from Cyprus Government for studies at University of Cyprus due to High Academic Excellence (2012 – 2014)
  • Scholarship from Cyprus Government for studies at National Technical University of Athens updated each year due to High Academic Excellence (2003 – 2008)


Other Scholarly and Outreach Activities

  • Board of directors Member (Treasurer) of Cypriot Medical Physics Association
  • Member of the Cyprus Association of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (CAMPBE)