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Arbitration Module, Arbitrator Level

Arbitration is a private means of dispute resolution, which is offered as an alternative to litigation and it provides final and binding decisions.
Since 2015 both the Cyprus Arbitration and Mediation Centre (the “Centre”) in coordination with the Law School of UCLan Cyprus have been offering a professional course on Arbitration. Since November 2016, the Centre operates under the auspices of the Cyprus Bar Association.
The course will consist of three modules. Each module will be taught in lecture form over a 7-week period and at the end of the module a written examination will be held. Those who complete each module successfully will be awarded with the title of Associate Arbitrator, Arbitrator and Arbitrator Fellow respectively. It should be stressed that the successful completion of the course only constitutes the starting point of a career in the field of arbitration, which cannot be achieved without further practical experience in a highly competitive environment. Instruction for the second module will start on the 18th of May 2018 and conclude the 29th of June 2018.

The second module focuses on principles and practice of International Arbitration, the module is suitable for lawyers and non-lawyers. Each topic will be examined both on its theoretical and practical aspects, in order to prepare the students for a successful career as arbitrators.
The Centre selects/appoints its arbitrator(s) for each arbitration case in accordance with internal rules, primarily subject to the arbitrator’s knowledge in the relevant sector, experience and expertise which are substantially required for a proper and due conduct of the arbitration

For more info please view the leaflet here.

Please fill the application form (find it here) and send it to [email protected]



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