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Aspects of Carriage of Goods and Cargo Claims

This innovative and wide-ranging course will take you through the key elements of both dry and wet shipping law, taking into account the most recent developments in these areas. The legal framework for cargo claims will involve a detailed look at the scope of application, liability regime, and limitation of liability under the Hague and Hague-Visby Rules. The most frequently litigated aspects of the law and practice of charterparties will be covered in the sessions on laytime and demurrage. The course will introduce you to the somewhat understated topic of general average providing a useful link between dry and wet shipping law. There will be an opportunity to cover pre-trial security in the form of ship arrest and the English law on arbitration, reflecting on the attractions of London as an arbitration seat.

The course will take place over three days:

Wednesday 19th May: 1pm – 6pm GMT / 3pm – 8pm EET

Friday 21st May: 1pm – 7pm GMT / 3pm – 9pm EET

Saturday 22nd May: 8am – 12pm GMT / 10am – 2pm EET

Wednesday and Friday will be led by speakers from the Institute of Maritime Law, University of Southampton

Saturday will be taught by both the IML and speakers from UCLan Cyprus.


To book your place on the course, click here. You will be able to indicate which dates, if any, you wish to attend on campus before you check out.

For any enquiries, please email [email protected].

To view the event’s flyer, click here.