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Becoming Trauma Informed Professionals

This online training is part of a series of free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) online and in person trainings organised by the School of Law of the Cyprus Campus of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan Cyprus) in the framework of the ‘Smuggling and Human Trafficking across the Green Line’ project supported by the British High Commission in Nicosia.

The general aims of the series

The project’s overall objective is to examine, detect, and understand the criminal activities of smuggling and trafficking goods and persons across the UN-controlled buffer zone, also known as “Green Line”. The idea is to enhance the sustainability of the island in an intercommunal, national and international setting by increasing awareness as to how lives and interests at stake are endangered by various illegal activities, particularly smuggling of illicit goods, smuggling of persons and human trafficking.

An ancillary objective is to enhance the ethical literacy, performance effectiveness of those in NGOs,law enforcement, legal and justice sectors who engage in the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of criminal activities across the Green Line. It is thus a capacity building project that aims at educating and spreading awareness to a variety of individuals ranging from students to frontline workers, experts, young people and the general public through a two-way transfer of knowledge(facilitated by ICLAIM).

The team’s aim is (i) to expand the knowledge and the applicability of the law combating smuggling and trafficking of goods and persons; (ii) to promote awareness and provide training to frontline workers, law and order professionals, NGOs, students, the general public and other stakeholders. In doingso, we aspire to create a pool of confident practitioners and/or researchers that can recommend,apply and inform their communities about the dangers and the extent of perceived/reported criminality. We also aspire to promote awareness through specialised trainings, focus groups and other activities. Support will be sought from EU institutions and international organisations locally present including UNDP and UNFICYP, Embassies, the SBA Administration, the relevant services of the Republic of
Cyprus, and NGOs on the ground across the divide facilitated by Step Up Stop Slavery.

The specific aims of the online training
This Training rests on two inter-twined premises. One to examine, detect and understand criminal activities across the Green Line culminating in the trafficking of smuggling and human beings.
The second is that, in common with other states, the Republic of Cyprus requires a profound change in culture so that much greater emphasis is placed on both the capacity building and the promotion of awareness of smuggling and human trafficking as a modern phenomenon of modern slavery with grave socio-legal implications for society as a whole but also for victims. Against this backdrop, the Online Training will address a number of learning objectives around providing participants with tools and knowledge on how to assist clients with trauma and to understand
how trauma impacts the healing process.

Research shows that knowledge of Trauma Informed Care is key to helping clients move through barriers of healing. There will be a workbook accompanying the workshop, which is designed to encourage self-awareness and self-reflection.

In achieving the above objectives, the Training will cover the following topics:
• A New Understanding of Trauma
• Different Types of Trauma
• Signs, Symptoms and Behaviours of Complex PTSD
• Our Threat Response System
• How Trauma affects the Brain and Body
• Polyvagal Theory and Co-Regulation
• Window of Tolerance
• Key Principles of Trauma Informed Care
• How to Foster Sensitive Communication with Survivors

Date: Monday 10 January 2022

Time: 09:30-11:00 Cyprus time

Venue: Online via Microsoft Teams (Details will follow after registration)


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