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CRoLEV Net Launch

CRoLEV Net Launch

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on the Rule of Law and European Values (CRoLEV) at the
School of Law of UCLan Cyprus, invites you to the launch of CRoLEV NET, a Network of Experts
and Stakeholders with a shared interest in the Rule of Law and European Values.

UCLan Cyprus, through its School of Law, is an accredited provider of CPD programmes under the relevant Cyprus Bar Association scheme. At the end of the event, the participation of lawyers practising in Cyprus will be certified in accordance with the CPD requirements of the Cyprus Bar Association. For the participation of any lawyer to be certified in this way, he or she must attend the whole event. Within a few working days of the event, other participants will receive, by email, an electronic Certificate of Participation. Subject to the relevant CPD regulatory rules applicable to them, members of the legal profession internationally may benefit from attending the event.

The event will be recorded and disseminated publicly subject to the Policies of UCLan Cyprus and CRoLEV,
including its Privacy and GDPR Policy accessible here https://www.uclancyprus.ac.cy/data-protection-policy/ and https://crolev.eu/privacy-policy/
Consent from participants will be sought. Recordings and any related materials will be published on the
CRoLEV’s website which is hosted at https://crolev.eu/
At the event, each speaker and other participant will take part for educational purposes in an educational
setting. Accordingly, what each participant will provide verbally, electronically or otherwise must not be
accepted or interpreted as either legal advice or any other form of advice.

For more information, send an email to the CRoLEV team at [email protected] or
visit https://crolev.eu/

For the event’s poster. please click here.