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Cyprus in the eye of the storm

The School of Law at UCLan Cyprus is convening a seminar on Thursday 27th June to discuss the current difficulties faced by the island.

The seminar titled, “Cyprus in the eye of the storm: legal implications of the economic and financial crisis,” is being jointly organised by the Law School of UCLan Cyprus, International Law Department of MGIMO University (Moscow, a University attached to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Christodoulos Vassiliades & Co. LLC.

Three substantive papers shall address the crisis in Cyprus from an EU perspective, the future of the Cypriot banking system, and continuing and prospective legal cooperation between Cyprus and Russia (including in the field of energy).

The seminar commences at 6pm on the 27th at UCLan Cyprus’ internationally award-winning and multi-million Euro campus in Pyla. Dr Tim Potier, Head of the Law School at UCLan Cyprus said: “Cyprus has not faced a challenge of such magnitude since 1974. Today, Cypriots must emulate their fathers and lead Cyprus out of its economic and financial straitjacket. This seminar is designed to help the people of Cyprus get over the obvious shock and begin to define the country’s future.”