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Diversity of Enforcement Titles in cross-border Debt Collection in the EU – First International Conference

The School of Law at UCLan Cyprus is a proud partner of the Diversity of Enforcement Titles in cross-border Debt Collection in the EU research project (JUST-AG-2018/JUST-JCOO-AG-2018). As part of the research project, the first International Conference successfully took place in Portorož, Slovenia between 10-11 September 2020.


The research project focuses on the study of enforcement titles in cross-border enforcement within the EU. One of the main obstacles in cross-border enforcement is the lack of mutual trust between national authorities of different EU Member States, as the national authorities treat enforcement titles from other Member States with reservations and mistrust. This is further enhanced by the diversity of enforcement titles. Taking into account all of the above, the research will contribute to a better understanding of differences in structure, content and effects of judgements in individual Member States. Furthermore, the impact of these differences on cross-border enforcement will be examined. Research will further focus on the differentiation of dogmatic and empirical concepts of different enforcement titles in the framework of recognition and enforcement. In addition, the project team will analyse the importance of terminological barriers that occur during the course of cross-border enforcement. Likewise, an important part of the research will be the analysis of possibilities for overcoming obstacles to cross-border enforcement resulting from a technological progress.


At the International Conference that took place in Portorož, Slovenia between 10-11 September 2020, the School of Law, UCLan Cyprus was represented remotely by Dr. Despina Christofi, Lecturer in Financial Services Regulation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Dr. Demetra Loizou, Lecturer in International Law and Legal Skills and Professor Stephanie Laulhe Shaelou, Professor of European Law and Reform and Head of the School of Law, UCLan Cyprus. Dr. Christofi and Dr. Loizou presented their research paper titled ‘Concept of res judicata in the common law system with emphasis on Cypriot and UK perspectives’ and Professor Laulhe Shaelou chaired a session titled ‘A Wider Perspective: Access to Justice’ and presented her research on ‘Access to justice in time of COVID-19 – Variations on general principles of EU law’.


You can find the conference programme and video presentations here: https://pf.um.si/en/acj/projects/pr09-eu-en4s/results/first-conference/


You can find an informative Brochure on the project here: https://www.pf.um.si/site/assets/files/5339/e-zgibanka_en.pdf

You can find information on the Second Expert Meeting that took place in Cyprus here: