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Education Field Trip at Vassiliko Cement Works by our BA Business Administration students

On Tuesday, 11 December 2018, UCLan Cyprus students of BA (Hons) Business Administration, accompanied by the Course Leaders of MBA Programme, Dr Panayiotis Kontakos and of Accounting and Finance, Dr Isabella Karasamani, visited the Vassiliko Cement Works, one of the largest heavy industries in Cyprus.

The students attended an insightful presentation on the company’s operations, logistics, processes, systems and facilities delivered by the senior management team, including Mr Stelios Sycopetrides, Acting General Manager and Dr Iacovos Skouridis, Production Manager.

Further, students had the opportunity to engage in a Q&A regarding the efforts of the company to upgrade and invest in line with the latest environmentally friendly technologies. The educational field trip was completed with a tour inside the company’s production facilities.

At the Business & Management School, UCLan Cyprus, as part of our study of the module Operations Management & Strategy, we organize an annual cycle of educational business field trips for our students. In particular, we are interested in visiting plants, manufacturing industries, operations research institutes and logistics centers, both in Cyprus and abroad.

The objectives of the trips are to provide opportunities to:

  • enhance students’ understanding of business operations;
  • allow students to see the application of theory in practice;
  • enhance classroom learning and discussion through a live case study;
  • engage in work related assessment;
  • undertake primary research through direct observation and discussions with the operations managers