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Exploring the Socio-legal Challenges Faced by Foreign Domestic Workers in Cyprus

February 2021 marked the end of the research project ‘Exploring the Socio-legal Challenges Faced by Foreign Domestic Workers in Cyprus’. The principal investigator for this research project was Dr Nasia Hadjigeorgiou, Assistant Professor in Transitional Justice and Human Rights at the University of Central Lancashire Cyprus (UCLan Cyprus). The project was funded by the London School of Economics Hellenic Observatory under its 2019-2020 A.G. Leventis Research Innovation Programme on Cyprus.

The project was concerned with the rights of foreign domestic workers in Cyprus. Foreign domestic workers are typically the female, third country nationals, who clean the homes of Cypriot families and care for their children, elderly and disabled members when relatives cannot, and the state will not, provide alternative support structures. This project examined foreign domestic workers as a particular category of migrants because of their sheer number and their extreme vulnerability. The project’s research objectives were to identify the challenges faced by foreign domestic workers in Cyprus and to make recommendations on how such challenges can be addressed at a policy level.

The project had several deliverables, including a report co-authored with the Ombudsman of the Republic of Cyprus, another report co-published by the LSE Hellenic Observatory and the PRIO Cyprus Centre and several leaflets, translated in the main languages of foreign domestic workers in Cyprus, listing their rights in the country. All of the deliverables can be accessed here.

The project also resulted in a research seminar delivered under the auspices of the LSE Hellenic Observatory, with the title ‘The Invisible Impact of Frozen Conflicts: a case study of foreign domestic workers in Cyprus’. A video recording of the seminar, a podcast and the seminar PowerPoint presentation are available here.