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Final of the UCLan Cyprus School of Law 2018-19 Mooting Competition

On 14th March 2019, the final round of the 5th Annual Mooting Competition took place in the Moot Court Room of UCLan, Cyprus.

The finalists were Mr Matheos Zahkeos and Mr Aleksandr Samoshin, who represented the Appellant, and Ms Gloria Christopher Mrindoko and Ms Tracey Ackrell, who represented the Respondent. Each team was supported by a solicitor. Mr Denys Georgiou acted as a solicitor for the Appellant, while Mr Thanos Ioannou acted as a solicitor for the Respondent.

All four finalists performed admirably and are to be commended.  Nevertheless, in the context of the mooting competition there could only be one winning pair. Matheos and Aleksandr won the Final based on their excellent mooting skills and overall performance and deservedly became the champions of the Mooting Competition of the academic year 2018-2019.

The final was judged by a panel of three judges.  The chairman of the panel was Ms Stalo Tsivitanidou-Kizi, Senior District Judge. Judge Tsivitanidou-Kizi was accompanied by Judge Akis Hadjihambis (Retired), a former president of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Cyprus, and Dr Demetra Loizou, Lecturer in the School of Law at UCLan, Cyprus.

This event was supported by the Law Society, whose committee was at the heart of the organisation of the Mooting Competition from the first round onward.

When announcing the outcome of the moot, His Honour Judge Hadjihambis, offered constructive feedback both on the merits of the appeal and the overall performance of the four finalists. He commended on the students’ professional performance and preparedness.

The University is grateful to Judge Tsivitanidou-Kizi and Judge Hadjihambis for visiting UCLan, Cyprus, and for supporting this year’s Mooting Competition.

Participating in the Mooting Competition is one of the key activities to be undertaken by law students during the course of their studies. Mooting enables law students to apply their theoretical knowledge to a practical scenario. Taking place in a simulated courtroom environment, mooting helps law students to deepen their knowledge of the law, to strengthen their research skills, to polish their public speaking skills and, if they wish to enter the legal profession, to enhance their preparations for life in the field of advocacy.