English (General & Academic)

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General & Academic English

Who are the courses for?

The Summer Intensive learning Experience- fast track your English language learning! Improve your English and move closer to your career and academic goals within a multicultural environment. Our courses are designed for 17+ year olds aiming to improve their General or Academic English proficiency. Perfect if you are preparing for any English Admissions test.

SUMMER MONTHS  ( July- October)

3rd-28th July, 31st July-25th August, 28th August- 22nd September

Improve your English skills with our highly qualified teachers, excellent learning resources and interactive classrooms. Improve your grammar, vocabulary. Strengthen your level and communicate more fluently and effectively. Our Summer intensive courses will offer you approx. 150 hours of class – based and self- directed learning, significantly improving your language competency.

Discounts available for prospect students and for students joining us for more than 4 Weeks.

*Please be advised, course start dates are subject to numbers

Course Start dates:                        July-October

Language Levels:                              A2,B1,B2,C1

Course length:                                   4 weeks per level

Age:                                                       17+

Classroom Hours per week:        25 hours, Monday- Friday

Lesson Times:                                    09:00am- 14:20pm

Total Hours:                                       100 Contact hours and up to 50 hours of self-directed learning

General & Academic English

EVENINGS ( Blended: On Campus & Live, Online)

Our evening English courses are perfect for professionals, students and those who require a more flexible mode of study. You will cover a total of 96 hours of class-based learning, improving all areas of your language proficiency, particularly your production of language – your speaking and writing skills. Our friendly learning environment and highly qualified teachers will provide you with access to an extensive library of content and learning material, enabling you to practice the language fully, apply yourself and improve your performance.

Course Start dates:                        October-May

Language Levels:                              A2,B1,B2,C1

Course length:                                   16 weeks per level

Age:                                                       17+

Classroom Hours per week:        2 sessions, twice a week (2 x 2 hours)

Lesson Times:                              18:00-22:00

Total Hours:                                        64 contact hours plus up to 30 hours of self-directed learning