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Seminars & Events

High Speed Wireless Telecommunications Systems

School of Business & Management

Research Series

Wednesday 19th June 2013, 12:30 – 13:30  Room CY014

Presenter: Dr Andreas Siamarou (UCLan Cyprus)

Title: “High Speed Wireless Telecommunications Systems: SME Adoption, New Technologies and Applications”

Although wireless technologies (Wi-Fi, Wi-Max and Bluetooth) are satisfactorily operating for the transmission of small data files, they cannot yet transmit video or High Definition TV (HDTV) or to provide full multimedia services. Soon new high speed wireless networks (eg WPAN) will operate at high frequencies and will offer high data transmission rates. Applications shall include very fast internet access, Home Cinema and Video on Demand. At 15 Gbp/s a whole DVD will be downloaded in three seconds! Wireless network technologies present unique opportunities and challenges for businesses, and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are no exception. Wireless communication, for instance, will allow consumers and businesses to transcend time and space, increase accessibility and expand both social and business networks. Future research will investigate how this technology can increase the competitive advantage of SME’s and lead to the development of a new sustainable business wireless model. The seminar offers an opportunity to explore synergies and research collaboration between the Centre of Entrepreneurial Development and Research (CEDAR) and the School of Sciences.