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Hotel and Catering English Course

The aim of the course is to train participants to communicate successfully and be able to deal with customers in a variety of different situations in the Hotel and Catering businesses. In particular, the course aims to help participants develop speaking, reading, writing and listening comprehension skills with a view to better interact with customers and ensure customer satisfaction experience.

The Hotel and Catering English course is intended for people who already work in the Hotel and Catering services but do not have the required English language skills to cope.

The range of topics to be taught includes communicating with customers, ticket booking, room/table reservations, ordering meals, suggesting places and activities, giving directions, dealing with customer requests or complaints, and others.

The students will have the opportunity to practise and develop their English communication skills on the above topics by using authentic materials.

> Duration: 30 hours total
> Start date: 7th October 2014
> End date: 27th November 2014
> Lecturer: Dr Nikolaos Konstantakis
> Venue: UCLan Cyprus campus
> Requirements: An intermediate knowledge of English is required
> Fees: €300
Partly funded by HRDA

On successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of attendance from UCLan Cyprus.

For further information concerning this course contact: [email protected] or telephone: 24 69 40 00.