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How to make the perfect coffee!

‘How to make the perfect coffee’ using the Coffee Sets given to our students and staff by COOP Allileggies (Larnaka)

We are often asked how to make the best brew of coffee in a cafetière. In the process described below we will give you a few hints and tips to ensure you get the most out of this brewing method.

Using a cafetière, also known as a French Press or a Plunger, is a great way to make a delicious brew of coffee. The coffee produced in this simple way is heavy and thickly flavoured with a strong aroma. It is a method widely used for tasting and comparing coffees, as it allows the full spectrum of flavours in the fresh coffee to be developed in the cup.

Technically speaking, a cafetière is a very simple piece of equipment; an open coffee pot with a fine mesh that allows the coffee ground to be separated from the brew when the plunger is pressed. However, coffee can often be brewed badly in a cafetière. By following these simple instructions you will get the perfect brew every time:

– Preheat the Cafetière

Similar to a teapot, in order to get the best brew heat the cafetière using a small amount of hot water.

– Use course-to-medium ground coffee

Using the correct grind of coffee is essential to getting a great brew in a cafetière; if you’re grinding coffee yourself make sure you set your grinder to a course-to-medium setting. All ground coffee sold on Glenfinlas Coffee is suitable for use in a cafetière.

– Use two level tablespoons of ground coffee per mug

This is the ideal amount to use to get the full flavour of the coffee, if you prefer it stronger add a little more.

– Bring the water to the boil and allow it to cool for thirty seconds

Using water slightly off the boil ensures that the flavour of the roasted coffee is not altered.

– Place the ground coffee into the cafetière and pour a little water over the grounds and swirl them through it.

– Pour in the rest of the water

– Place the lid on the cafetière with the plunger fully raised

– Allow the coffee to brew for four minutes

– Gently press the plunger down all the way

Be careful to press the plunger down straight, if you try to push from an angle some coffee grains may escape into the brew.