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HRDA Approved Training

Strategic planning for Smaller Firms: innovation based survival and/or growth  of owner-managed SMEs

In this fiercely competitive arena, micro and small-medium sized enterprises cannot remain comfortable in their niches; their sustainable business success is under attack. The owner-managers of SMEs must embark on the journey to transform their firms into entrepreneurial growth stars. This practical training will offer the strategic planning toolkit in order to help entrepreneurially inspired owner-managers and directors to craft a restructuring plan that can enable them to cope with the prolonged recession and be ready to seize the opportunities of the next economic cycle. It is all about mapping on the three growth horizons: boosting the competitiveness of their core business activities, exploring new business models and innovation practices, and pursuing new venture ideas by building strategic alliances in the market.

21,23 April , 8:30 – 17:00
Training Duration:
14 hours over 2 training days
€68 (original price, €400)
UCLan Cyprus 

The programme will use diagnostic toolkits to evaluate the developmental path of the smaller companies, to expound internal and external drivers and barriers to growth, in order to systematically build the platform to explore retrenchment and growth options. This audit will lead to the road map for smart growth (including survival tactics) at a smaller scale and with different entrepreneurial base (e.g. niche business units) . Re-engineering the business model, via strategic management practices and innovation tactics, is essential not only to outsmart rivals but also to offer the platform for the next generation of owner-managers (dynamic professionals often family heirs!) to pursue new ventures and strategic partnerships.

Specifically, participants will learn how to:
• Master the strategic planning process
• Draw lessons from diagnostic-assessment tools
• Prepare for challenges across the growth cycle
• Discover their strategic growth capabilities – and survival essentials
• Promote permanent innovation culture
• Evaluate growth options (compatible with their managerial profile, new financing approaches)
• Embark on new phases of growth: to boost their competitiveness by extending and defending core activities; to build and strengthen emerging business; and to create viable future options for their next stage of development as an emerging small giant–group of business ventures
• Open alternative financing routes
• Pursue profitably innovation based growth strategies
• Formulate and pursue a 2 page strategic business development plan – growth road map

This course is suitable for founders, owners, managers, directors of smaller enterprises and SMEs (less than 100 employees). This could be an independent firm or a business unit of a group of smaller companies

• Short seminars with illustrative examples featuring best practice
• To ensure interactive participation a series of mini-activities will take place where participants will apply practical frameworks-tests to their own ventures.

Specifically, participants will evaluate their strategic planning practices; evaluate the innovation capability, before and after the training programme.

DAY 1, 21 April, Tuesday
Session 1: The Strategic Planning- Growth Mapping
Session 2: Stages of growth-Mastering growth transitions
Session 3: The Strategic Growth Planning in Action
Session 4: The Strategic Restructuring to coop with the recession

DAY 2, 23 April, Thursday
Session 5: Mastering the 3 growth horizon: Ready, Willing and Able to Grow
Session 6: The Innovation Business Model
Session 7: The Strategic Business Growth Planning
Session 8: The 2 page strategic growth plan

Trainer: Professor Panikkos Poutziouris
(BA Honors Economics, MBA, PhD)

Dr. Panikkos Poutziouris is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Business at UCLAN University in Cyprus. He has been on the faculty of University of Manchester – Manchester Business School-UK for almost two decades , where he has led a number of initiatives for SMEs and entrepreneurial family firms. Professor Poutziouris has consulted with the European Commission and OECD and cooperated with many prestigious institutions including UBS Wealth Management, Tilney Fund Management, SandAire, Grant Thornton, Stoy Hayward, PWC, Coutts , FBN-I etc. He is the past – president of IFERA – International Family Enterprise Research Academy, and previously served on the advisory board of IFB (UK) and as a board member-trustee of the UK -Institute for Small Business Entrepreneurship (ISBE). In 2011, he has been honoured with the FFI International Award for exhibiting leadership in promoting the family business entrepreneurship theme across commercial, academic and social frontiers.

Professor Poutziouris lectures, researches, publishes and consults internationally on entrepreneurial management and strategic financial developments for families in business He has been delivering executive training for owner managed SMEs and family firms for over two decades across many institutions including: University of Cambridge-Judge Business School-Executive Education (UK), ESCP Europe (London, Torino), Beijing Institute of Technology (China), CIIM (Cyprus), Krems University – Vienna Technical University (Austria) , ALBA of Athens, Future Foundation (Egypt) etc.

For more information please contact us on [email protected] or 24 69 40 00 (Maria Thoma Georgiou).

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