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Marketing wine in Cyprus: the case of Zambartas Wineries

Marketing wine in Cyprus: the case of Zambartas Wineries 

Friday 28 th  November  2014, 18:00 – 19:00 in Room CY006

Marleen Zambartas Brouwer
Marketing manager in Zambartas Wines

Wine is one of the oldest local products of Cyprus. Over the last 20 years the wine sector in Cyprus has significantly changed, since small boutique wineries entered the wine scene, focusing on high quality production, smart branding and consumer education. Zambartas Wineries is one of these family owned boutique wineries and will share with you their success story. Special focus will be given to marketing strategies of the company.

The company: The story of Zambartas Wines started in 2006 with a timid production of 4500 bottles. Since then Akis Zambartas and his son Marcos have kept the faith that Cyprus has the potential to produce wines of international class. Now, they have reached 2014 with 55,000 bottles of Zambartas wine which are enjoyed by locals and visitors from all over the world.

Biography : Marleen was born in the Netherlands and holds a Master’s degree in History and International Relations from Utrecht University. She got passionate about wine 5 years ago, as she moved to Cyprus and joined her husband’s winery. She is now responsible for the winery’s marketing strategy and involved in every aspect of running the business.

Please register your participation with Sonia Mita at: info@uclancyprus.ac.cy