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Memorandum of Understanding between UCLan Cyprus and Holina Cyprus

Memorandum of Understanding between UCLan Cyprus and Holina Cyprus

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between UCLan Cyprus and Holina Cyprus on 25th of October 2022 at the premises of the British University of Cyprus. The purpose of the Memorandum is to provide a framework of collaboration between UCLan Cyprus and Holina Cyprus, in areas of teaching, research, science, innovation and applied experience, aiming to support the wellbeing of Holina Cyprus’s residents, to foster, as well as develop employability skills for youth and young adults who deal with addictions.

Holina Cyprus serves as a young person’s community, offering its residents a holistic mental and spiritual support system for youth and young adults to feel safe and trusted and thus overcome addictions of various forms. With the support of a team of psychologists and psychotherapists who are among the best in the world, Holina Youth Village creates a life-changing programme, which offers an innovative approach in the healing process by incorporating educational and teaching objectives. UCLan Cyprus, with its unique blend of academic and practical experience, as well as its unparalleled commitment to initiatives which promote the health and wellbeing of youth, will develop an innovative educational programme on various courses which present a special interest to Holina Village Youth residents.

Programmes with specialization in the field of psychology will support the cooperation, however, collaborations with all departments of UCLan Cyprus is encouraged. The Memorandum will also facilitate the cooperation in the form of internships, co-organisation of events with a view of sharing and disseminating information regarding the importance issue of addictions etc.

On behalf of UCLan Cyprus the Memorandum was signed by the university’s CEO and Chair of the Council, Mr Floros Voniatis, and on behalf of Holina Cyprus the Memorandum was signed by Mr Yossef Zubari, General Manager of Holina Cyprus.

During the signing ceremony Mr Voniatis thanked Mr Zubari and stated that: ‘UCLan Cyprus aims to be a vital part of its social and corporate community, actively promoting initiatives that youth can benefit from. Education can build on the strengths of young people who deal with addictions as it is a gateway to new and exciting opportunities, personal growth and development and positive change for the youth and young adults who deal with the devasting effects of addictions, hence the importance of the partnership with Holina Cyprus’.