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MA Graphic Design

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Our MA in Graphic Design propels seasoned designers into an advanced transformative journey,
tailored for professionals navigating the swiftly evolving digital age. This postgraduate programme
seamlessly blends timeless artistic principles with cutting-edge technology, presenting a strategic
approach to graphic design.

Emphasising the synthesis of practical and theoretical knowledge, the programme uniquely
supports robust research methodologies tailored to graphic design. Encouraging a strategic blend
of hands-on, reflective practice, participants explore visual communication intricacies. The
curriculum refines skills in traditional and digital design, typography, editorial design, branding,
packaging, and explores advanced digital platforms.

Integral to the programme is the comprehensive integration of tailored research methodologies,
honing discipline-specific skills. This exploration extends to reflective practice, urging designers to
critically assess their work’s impact on the broader creative landscape. The programme champions
experimental practice, focusing on specialist skills aligned with unique interests and career goals.

Practicality remains paramount, with designers tackling live briefs, leveraging industry connections
for placements, mirroring the fast-paced professional landscape. Rooted in visual communication
research and theory, the course emphasises on enabling participants to develop a highly personal
body of practical work. Encouraging unique inquiries and challenging design boundaries,
participants, by the programme’s conclusion, craft a contemporary body of work propelling their
skills to a professional level.

Course modules advance critical and creative thinking in graphic design, spanning traditional and
digital media. Whether grappling with established graphics disciplines or delving into digital design
tools for moving image, websites, apps, and new media, the modules provide a holistic exploration.

Taught in a friendly studio atmosphere, the course offers opportunities to explore traditional print
techniques, large format printing on various materials, 3D printing, laser cutting, and more through
specialist workshops.

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Career Options

An MA in Graphic Design unlocks advanced career opportunities, capitalising on heightened knowledge and research experience acquired during the programme. The field of graphic design, always in demand, is evolving into new frontiers, making professionals with advanced skills crucial. Anticipating even greater demand in the future, the MA programme prepares graduates to excel in diverse sectors with a focus on innovation and sophisticated design solutions.

As experts in graphic design, typography, illustration, and digital design, MA graduates are poised to take on strategic roles in various industries. They are equipped to contribute not only to graphic design but also to digital media, marketing, e-commerce, and multimedia. The multifaceted curriculum prepares them for leadership positions in any organization’s marketing or design department, design agencies, design studios, digital agencies, advertising agencies, multimedia agencies, marketing agencies, consultancy firms, or as entrepreneurs establishing their own independent graphic design enterprises. They may be involved in setting design direction, shaping brand identities, developing design strategies, and guiding teams to execute creative visions.

The programme's emphasis on employability is woven into its fabric, incorporating continuous learning, personal development, reflective practice, teamwork skills, industry engagement, and problem-solving through hands-on applied projects. MA Graphic Design graduates emerge as highly competent individuals with a deep understanding of the design industry's evolving landscape. Their ability to blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills makes them valuable assets, capable of addressing complex challenges in design and visual communication.

Furthermore, the MA programme cultivates a research-oriented mindset, opening doors to positions in academia, research institutions, and roles that require an in-depth understanding of design theories and methodologies. Graduates holding an MA in Graphic Design are not only practitioners but also contributors to the advancement of design knowledge, making them sought-after professionals in both industry and academic settings.

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