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Latest News

Rays and Vectors Game Studio

UCLan Cyprus in collaboration with the InSPIRE research centre proudly announce the development of the “Rays and Vectors” Game Studio, an in-house educational and student-led game studio providing a workplace simulation environment to help future game developers experience the needs and processes of the gaming industry, and help them develop the necessary skills to become highly skilled professional game developers.


In this educational game studio, UCLan Cyprus Game Development students will have the opportunity to work in a highly collaborative simulation environment (or independently) to develop high quality 3D computer games, as well as looking into technologies such as Virtual Reality, 3D modelling, Computer Graphics, Photogrammetry, 3D data capture and processing and other.


The “Rays and Vectors” studio will be embedded into the culture of UCLan Cyprus Game Development students and integrated as part of their assessment(s). Students would be able to understand how a real game studio works, the responsibilities, roles, and requirements to produce high quality computer games. Students will be put into teams and build a student-led working environment, rotating through important roles and learning important concepts and processes. Using the state-of-the-art facilities of the InSPIRE centre, they will use the latest game engines and computer graphics software, version control, communication and collaboration tools, follow project management practices, meet deadlines and deliverables.


The students will work under the supervision of doctoral students and UCLan Cyprus academic staff members and will be guided and receive feedback throughout their simulation journey.