English for Academic Purposes

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The world of study and the academic environment demands the appropriate use of language. Academic English is needed to read, understand, use and produce relevant material to your programme of study.

Our summer Intensive English courses will offer you 150 hours of class-based and  self-directed learning, significantly improving your Academic voice and Academic skills. Our courses will provide you with all the necessary competencies, enabling you to fully apply yourself and improve your performance in your chosen discipline.

The Language Academy at UCLan Cyprus is the first Language Centre in Cyprus to offer innovative approaches to language learning, with highly skilled staff, communication-based activities and interactive language learning tools, such as the Rosetta Stone.

Reasons to choose UCLan Cyprus Language Academy
  • We offer an intensive yet flexible timetable suited for most levels
  • Optimised learning, covering 150 hours in 4 weeks!
  • Choose between 4, 8, 12 or 16 week courses ( depending on level)
  • Receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of your course
  • Learn with highly qualified language teachers
  • Access to interactive learning tools such as the Rosetta Stone
  • Measure your level and development through diagnostic testing and ongoing assessment.

How do I apply?

To apply, please complete the application form here and send it to languageacademy@uclancyprus.ac.cy or call us at +357 24 69 40 00 or email us at the above email address to support you with your steps.

Other Services/ Learning Packages of the Language Academy:

  • Test Your Level: Oxford online English test
  • UCLan Cyprus English Level Entry Preparation for the TELL Exam.
  • WISER services: support during your University studies, including WISER Tutorials
  • Rosetta Stone: 19 different languages
  • Individualised Language Learning package: 121 Tuition, Online coursework, Rosetta Stone
  • Macmillan online learning packages, all levels General and Academic

*Please be advised, course dates are subject to numbers

Courses Fees & Duration:

4 weeks495 euros
8 weeks970 euros
12 weeks1400 euros
16 weeks1800 euros
*There is an additional charge of 65 euros for books.

See the Language Academy flyer here.