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Technical English (Oil & Gas Industry) English for Specific Purposes

This is an integrated skills course which has been designed to help the participants build upon their existing competence in English. The participants research, practice and deliver an informative presentation. In this course students will continue to develop proficiency in all areas of the language reading, writing, listening and speaking. This course also aims at developing effective communication skills in the English language. It focuses on technical writing and oral presentations, related to the discipline of Engineering.

The participants improve their ability to convey technical content clearly and convincingly in both writing and speaking. They will be able to improve their English communication skills in a work environment. They will learn career-specific vocabulary for engineering, oil and gas professionals, including such topics as tools, materials, numbers, engineering concepts, converting measurements, career options, industry, types of oil rigs, petroleum mapping, oil rig mechanical systems and drilling process. This course provides students with an opportunity to prepare for a career in engineering.

> Duration: 26 hours total
> Start date: 7th October 2014
> End date: 20th November 2014
> Lecturer: Dr Sviatlana Karpava
> Venue: UCLan Cyprus campus
> Requirements: An intermediate knowledge of English is required
> Fees: €260
Partly funded by HRDA

On successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of attendance from UCLan Cyprus.

For further information concerning this course contact:[email protected] or telephone: 24 69 40 00