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  • Artem Plakhotuyuk, UkraineBSc Computing

I am very glad that I transferred my studies to UCLan Cyprus and I am satisfied with both my lecturers and my overall study experience. Also I am so grateful for the way the student support assisted me whenever I needed their help to make this dream a reality

  • Vanja Popovic, SerbianBSc Computing, year 1

UCLan Cyprus was my first choice because it is the only British University in Cyprus I was surprised with the modern facilities and the learning environment I am really enjoying my time here and would suggest anyone looking for higher education to opt for UCLan Cyprus.

  • Julia KharkivskaLLB

UCLan Cyprus is very beautiful and modern and I have been very impressed. I live in Larnaca, and the locals are very friendly. I am studying LLB and it is very interesting. I love all of the teachers, how they teach us and the atmosphere is unbelievable. I have really fallen in love with this university. I love to spend my time here. Every day that I come here, I come with enormous pleasure. My advice to others considering to study at UCLan Cyprus – be friend with everybody and fall love with your course !

  • Hagop KasparianLLB

Everything about UCLan Cyprus is great, and there are really excellent facilities here. I particularly like the fact that there is a Moot Court Room – the only one on the island in an educational establishment; and also a Play Room where all the students can relax playing table football and other games . I am living in university accommodation which is great, again with really good facilities and everyone is made to feel so welcome. I would really recommend UCLan Cyprus, particularly for the study of law.

  • Gifty Yoseph HabtemariamLLM

The reason I chose to do my LLM at UCLan University, is because the LLM programme provides a variety of modules that a student can select according to their interest and that the programme runs for just a “year” (which is time effective, for those who want to finalize their studies in as short period of time). Moreover, I like the security both at School and Accommodation”.

  • Oluwatodimu Akolade BankoleLLB, Nigeria

UCLan Cyprus offers a complete package of excellent teaching and extracurricular activities both of which are crucial for the student life experience. As a Law student, the School of Law ensures that students like me are exposed to relevant and equal opportunities which will enable me to gain useful knowledge and experience beneficial for my chosen career path.

  • Sofya Kurepina, RussianBA Hospitality and Tourism, year 2

Choosing UCLan Cyprus as a university to study was a great opportunity for me. The format of British education was quite attractive; especially on an island with such beautiful weather and the perspective to work in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. The environment of a higher education establishment is determined by the people and I realize now that UCLan Cyprus is a great example. I feel very confident with my tutors and peers; I see how thoughtful the staff is. As a course representative, I was very surprised to see how the university follows the British standards and I’m proud of it. I will be very glad to see new comers in our UCLan Cyprus!

  • Anastasia Butrim, RussianLLB year 2

I chose UCLan Cyprus primarily because it is a British University and it offers student mobility. However studying here I have realised that there are many other great advantage. The University has great lecturers, resources, facilities as well as a very helpful and friendly environment.

  • Kyriakos TrikosBSc Computing

There are many reasons for that but i believe that the number one is the financial factor! I was accepted by a university on Greece but i always wanted to stay in Cyprus, so Uclan Cyprus gave me that opportunity.

  • George KyriakouBA Business Administration

My choice of University was dictated by my belief that British Universities are among the world’s best. UCLan with its 150 year tradition gave me the opportunity for UK education here in Cyprus.

  • Giannis ParpounasBSc Computing

I chose UCLan Cyprus because of the high standards of education that it offers, as well as the low cost of the fees, which is something very important to consider. Moreover, the university has up-to-date facilities, the courses are taught in English, providing a universal way of learning and using vocabulary that is used worldwide. Lastly one important factor for me is that the university is located in my district.

  • Milena Marinova PoutziourisMA Educational Leadership

“The Masters degree course on Educational Leadership has increased my confidence as a lecturer and an individual. The expertise I gained through the work session discussions and working on assignments will be very helpful in my future career development. It is an interesting and insightful course.”