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The Mari Report: writings on the wall for deaf ears

UCLan Cyprus School of Law Research Seminar 12, Tuesday 29th April, 13:45 – 14:45.

The massive explosion in the Mari, Naval Base, near the largest power station of Cyprus, that resulted in the death  of 13 officials in action, was neither an accident nor the result of a momentary criminal act or omission,. It was the result of a series of devastating political and administrative decisions taken by a large number of government departments and individuals. Similarly, the result of the economic crisis that led to the „haircut? of bank deposits of over 100,000 Euros in March 2013 was not an isolated incident. It was, also, the result of a series of erroneous political decisions and speculative behaviours of public figures, bank officials and individuals. 

On the basis of the detailed findings and suggestions of the Polyviou report, the seminar intends to demonstrate that the prophetical conclusions and recommendations of the report were a “slap” to the political system, to the public administration and to the way Cypriot society is functioning. Hence, the conclusions in the Polyviou Report were demonized and not taken into account by the relevant government officials. Finally it is believed that if the conclusions and the findings were taken into account the tragic decisions of Eurogroup in March 2013 may well have been averted. 

Elias Stephanou is a Lawyer, ex prosecutor, ex secretary of Transparency Cyprus and has been a member of the Polyviou Inquiry team.