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“The Strategic Development of Family Businesses and Business Families”



Despite the proliferation of the owner-managed family business model across the corporate landscape, only  one in ten reaches their third generation of family owner-managers. This seminar offers an insight into the interwoven family; business and ownership issues that overshadow the survival and growth of family – owner-managed businesses across frontiers and provides the roadmap on how to fuel entrepreneurial growth and continuity.  More specifically, participants will learn how family dynasties craft trans-generational succession plans that ensure family business continuity mastering entrepreneurial, managerial, leadership, ownership, governance financial and risk management matters.



Dr Panikkos Poutziouris is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Business at UCLAN Cyprus, Head of School of Business & Management and Chair of the  Centre for Entrepreneurial Development-Alliance- Research, CEDAR.  He served for almost two decades on the Faculty of Manchester Business School – University of Manchester (UK) as Fellow in SME Management, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and  Visiting  Associate Professor for Family Business Initiatives. Dr Poutziouris lectures, researches, publishes and advises internationally on Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Management, Entrepreneurial Finance, and Strategic Development of Family Businesses and Business Families.  He is the [co]-author of the Family Business Index – London Stock Exchange,   and Natwest Bank / Manchester Business School Tax Index and numerous chapters, reports, journal articles, including: Financial  Affairs of UK Family Companies, the Financial Affairs of Private Companies, the Financial Development of Private and Public Smaller Companies; Family Businesses or Business Families, Financial and Working Capital Management in SMEs. More recently Professor Poutziouris has served as an advisor – consultant for the  Family Business Expert  Group working for European Commission – Directorate of Enterprise and Industry and for OECD on Entrepreneurship policy matters.



For your participation, please email Sonia Mita at: info@uclancyprus.ac.cy