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UCLan Cyprus at the Heart of the Buffer Zone: A Challenge or problem?

“UCLan Cyprus in the heart of the buffer zone.
A challenge or problem?”

UCLan Cyprus School of Law Research Seminar 2, Tuesday 20th November, 1.45-2.45pm (CY007)
(savouries and soft drinks will be provided)

Mr. Miodrag Stijovic
(Welfare and Community Officer, UCLan Cyprus)

Did you know that the Republic of Cyprus has never signed a ceasefire agreement? Reference is often made to the United Nations mandate, but what is it? Do you know what the Buffer Zone is? Do you know what the Civil Use Area is? Did you know that UCLan Cyprus is in the heart of the Buffer Zone? Did you know that Pyla village is unique because it is the only bi-communal village in the Buffer Zone? Do you know what the legal status of Pyla is? We will search for the answers together to these and other questions on our little journey comparing the “de facto” and “de jure” status of the island.  Will UCLan Cyprus contribute to a positive culture change in the community of Pyla through growth and modernization or will it cause problems and conflicts? Indeed, how can UCLan Cyprus be a source for good Cyprus-wide?