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UCLan Cyprus at the Heard of the Buffer zone: the Pyla conundrum

“UCLan Cyprus in the heart of the buffer zone: the Pyla conundrum”

UCLan Cyprus School of Law Research Seminar 3, Tuesday 18th December, 1.45-2.45pm (CY115)
(savouries and soft drinks will be provided)

Mr. Miodrag Stijovic
(Welfare and Community Officer, UCLan Cyprus)

Pyla is the only substantially populated bi-communal village in the Republic of Cyprus. Unique to the island, it has: two mukhtars, two communities, two flags, two coffee shops, a church and a mosque, and a lot of unwritten rules. To what extent does Pyla provide a good example of the challenges presented in maintaining peace and security across the Buffer Zone, or is Pyla just a village overlooked by all sides? A small community replete with countless law enforcers: the United Nations police, the Republic of Cyprus police, SBA police, the police from the occupied areas, the United Nations military, Republic of Cyprus military and SBA military. Despite these, is Pyla a lawless village or a village with too much law; and, fundamentally, who should enforce it?

Special lecture guest, Mr. Simos Mitides, Mayor of Pyla village, Republic of Cyprus.