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UCLan Cyprus hosted a Mediation Week in February 2020

The EU Mediation Directive 2008/52/EC was introduced into Cyprus Law in 2012 through Law 159(I)/2012, ‘Law which provides for certain aspects of mediation in civil matters’. There has been increased usage of this method of Alternative Dispute Resolution ever since. In recognition of this, the School of Law of UCLan Cyprus, has been offering an International Commercial Mediation Module as an option on its Masters in Law programmes (LLM Law, LLM International Business, and LLM Financial and Commercial Law) since the academic year 2018-19. This is a 40-hour course in line with requirements under the EU Directive and the Law, which is also open to external professionals as it leads to professional certification. More specifically, once practical assessment is completed and personal feedback is provided, participants will be able to register as civil and/or commercial mediators in Cyprus, according to Law 159(I)/2012, as the course is fully accredited by the Cyprus Ministry of Justice and Public Order, and under the rules of the Civil Mediation Council (CMC), provided they do three observations in mediation. Subject to successful local registration, participants can act as mediators in the Member States of the European Union under the terms and conditions of the EU Directive 2008/52/EC on certain aspects of mediation in civil and commercial matters, as implemented in each Member State, including Cyprus.

Encouraged by the popularity of this course with LLM students and external delegates alike, the School of Law developed additional opportunities for a Mediation Week. They invited Emma McAndry of Essential Mediation Solutions, award winning mediator and trainer, and Dawn Stainer of Lakeland Mediation Solutions to assist in the delivery. Emma and Dawn are accredited Mediation Providers and/or Registered Civil Mediation Council Mediation Training Providers in the UK.

In February and March 2020 the International Civil and Commercial Mediation Course ran for the second academic year involving Emma and Dawn, practising mediators and experienced trainers in Higher Education including from the UK. This Course was certified by an accredited Mediation Provider and Registered Civil Mediation Council Mediation Training Provider in the UK, Promediate UK. For this purpose, Peter Causton, director of ProMediate UK and CMC mediator, acted as an assessor in the Course. A fully interactive course was offered, where theory is delivered and put into practice using realistic role-play scenarios. A delegate commented that the course was “extremely interesting and the trainers helped us practise our knowledge with role play exercises.” Delegates also learned valuable transferable skills such as active listening and communication techniques. This course is a valuable addition for Law and Business students and professionals in a variety of situations. Another delegate thanked “Emma and Dawn for the great programme, their energy is contagious and inspired me to continue with the path of mediation.” One more delegatealso “really enjoyed this course,” and said she is “very interested to apply the information given and hopefully become a mediator.”

The Mediation Week included a taster session for Undergraduate Students from the Schools of Law and Sciences by Emma McAndry and Dawn Stainer, which was well received. The session introduced the general principles of mediation and the trainers enacted a demonstration of how mediation is conducted in practice using an example from a real-life case study. Students said “It was a really good chance to gain new knowledge”; it was “Informative”; and “Amazing”. Students also expressed their motivation to educate themselves further in mediation – a student commented that she was “keen to further explore mediation” as a result of this course.

An exciting addition to the Mediation Week included the seminar on mediation in the context of the workplace, which was referenced as being, “A great introduction to workplace mediation.” This prompted great debate about the need for external mediators as opposed to internal managers and the types of cases appropriate for mediation. Delegates, including academic and professional staff of UCLan Cyprus and professionals external to the University, enjoyed watching a live demonstration where they witnessed workplace mediation in action. One participant commented that “the scenario was realistic, and the acting was first class!” General feedback from several delegates stated that they would have liked the session to be longer in order to explore workplace mediation in further detail. It was recognised that “the potential for workplace mediation in businesses in Cyprus is huge.”

Also, on 21 and 22 February a workshop on social mediation was held at UCLan Cyprus. This workshop took place within the framework of the project ‘Social Mediation in Practice’, implemented with the support of the British High Commission in Cyprus. Social Mediation is a process of creating and repairing social bonds, leading to peaceful resolutions of conflicts in daily life, placing the parties and their communities at the forefront of the conflict determination, resolution and rehabilitation. The process investigates underlying biases which manifest themselves in the conflicts. For more information visit www.social-mediation.org  

The School of Law, UCLan Cyprus, would like to thank all colleagues at the School of Law of UCLan Cyprus, Emma McAndry, Dawn Stainer and Peter Causton for their contribution to the Mediation Week. More activities and courses on mediation will follow.

Workplace Mediation with professionals
International Civil and Commercial Mediation course with postgraduate students of UCLan Cyprus and professionals
Introduction to Mediation course with undergraduate students of UCLan Cyprus