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UCLan Cyprus students met with the President of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Anastasiades

The Meeting with the President of Cyprus Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, was an informal one which was organised with the goal of creating a forum in which the President and youths could discuss issues affecting young people in Cyprus. At the meeting, there was a panel which consisted of the President and other distinguished guests. The first issues which were discussed related to employment for the youths and mechanisms to support youth employment. For example, shipping and maritime was heavily discussed in relation to youth employment. Also, plans to develop, encourage and support female youths who were entrepreneurs were discussed. Secondly, the new national strategy for the youths as well as the new programs which are being organised by the Youth Council were announced. A crucial issue which was discussed was the use of technology in the Universities in Cyprus (both Public and Private) and how the use of technology could be improved. Likewise, another crucial topic which was reviewed was the Army Service in Cyprus. Positive political actions for a healthier and productive Army Service were considered. Furthermore, health care as a right was discussed and it was concluded that this right should be made more accessible to youths. Thirdly, new taxing strategies for innovative investments were reviewed as well as measures to reduce housing waste and raise awareness on recycling. Accordingly, ways by which corruption could be eradicated were suggested.

During the Q&A session, UCLan Cyprus Law student Yomna Zentani, put a question to the President regarding the steps which are being taken in regards to the inclusion of international youths and students in Cyprus; this question was decently answered. In conclusion, it was a well-organised event which allowed young people to voice their opinions on matters affecting them.

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