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BA (Hons) Fashion Design

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Available for September Entry English Language Foundation programme

Fashion today is more than self-expression; it’s a powerful cultural force shaping identities, reflecting societal values, and influencing global trends. Beyond personal style, it intertwines with social, economic, and environmental dynamics, becoming a language for individual and broader narratives on inclusivity, sustainability, and innovation. Fashion, at the intersection of art, culture, and commerce, acts as a catalyst for creativity, fostering diversity and pushing boundaries in our ever-evolving society.

The BA (Hons) Fashion Design programme is a dynamic and award-winning course that has been shaping the future of fashion for over 50 years in the UK. This course is designed to foster extreme creativity, encouraging highly personal, research-informed projects. Our commitment is to provide the essential elements and programmes to cater to individual needs, supporting each student in reaching their true potential.

Throughout their studies, students will be guided by our industry-relevant, research-active team of tutors, fashion designers, and technicians who are dedicated to nurturing their creativity. Students will be assisted at every step of the way, ensuring that they receive the support needed to thrive in their fashion design journey.

The curriculum is crafted to explore creative shape-making, avant-garde silhouettes, and sustainable textile solutions. Students will be challenged to push boundaries with forward-thinking concepts and stay abreast of the latest trends. From creating garments for specific customers to the catwalk, the course encompasses a range of skills, including 2D and 3D design, CAD, pattern cutting, garment manufacture, textile design, and fashion illustration, as well as utilising digital tools to conceptualise designs for emerging platforms. Additionally, students will build a comprehensive portfolio showcasing their best work, driven by their unique areas of interest.

The BA (Hons) Fashion Design programme not only imparts technical skills but also nurtures a mindset of innovation. Graduates from this programme emerge as creative and innovative fashion designers, well-prepared to contribute to all sectors of the fashion industry.

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Career Options

Graduates of the programme can explore careers in traditional avenues, including garment design for fashion houses, textile design for fabric manufacturers, and accessory design for retail brands. Moreover, with the increasing importance of digital platforms, graduates may venture into roles related to e-commerce, fashion technology, and virtual fashion experiences. Some may choose to work on a freelance basis, offering their unique design perspectives to diverse clients, while others may find opportunities within established design agencies or as integral members of in-house departments within larger corporations.

The demand for skilled fashion designers is prominent globally, and graduates from the BA (Hons) Fashion Design programme will be equipped to secure positions not only in Cyprus and the UK but also across international fashion hubs. The versatility of a design-related bachelor’s degree opens doors to a wide array of sectors, including advertising, art and design, business and administration, hospitality and tourism, marketing and PR, retail and sales, and teaching and education.

Potential roles for graduates of the BA (Hons) Fashion Design programme extend beyond traditional design positions and encompass diverse opportunities such as Fashion Merchandiser, Retail Buyer, Textile Technologist, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Marketing Specialist, Fashion Illustrator, Pattern Maker, Costume Designer, Fashion Photographer, Visual Merchandiser, and roles in sustainable fashion and ethical practices. Additionally, graduates may choose to pursue entrepreneurial paths, establishing and managing their independent fashion brands or design studios.

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