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BA (Hons) Graphic Design

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In recent times, the field of Graphic Design has undergone rapid evolution, mirroring global trends
in the transition of business and communication to the digital realm. The BA (Hons) Graphic Design
programme with optional Professional Placement, acknowledges the dynamic nature of the
contemporary creative landscape, combining timeless artistic principles with cutting-edge
technological advancements. This fusion not only addresses the demands of the digital age but also
opens up a multitude of opportunities for aspiring graphic designers worldwide.

The course places a strong emphasis on fostering creative problem-solving skills within the realm of
visual communication. Students engage in a comprehensive exploration of both traditional and
digital media, honing their abilities in print and digital design. Core disciplines include typography,
editorial design, branding, and packaging, providing a well-rounded foundation for aspiring
designers. Moreover, students delve into the dynamic world of digital platforms, gaining expertise
in areas such as moving image creation, interface design, and photography.

A distinctive feature of the programme is its commitment to real-world application. Students
actively participate in tackling challenging live briefs, navigating projects with genuine deadlines
that simulate the fast-paced nature of the professional graphic design landscape. Our University’s
robust industry connections facilitate valuable opportunities for students to embark on placements
with top agencies, offering a firsthand experience of the professional graphic design environment.

The BA (Hons) Graphic Design programme not only equips students with technical proficiency but
also nurtures their creativity, critical thinking, and adaptability. Through a curriculum designed
to reflect the ever-evolving industry, graduates emerge as versatile professionals capable of
navigating diverse challenges in the graphic design field. The programme’s dedication to practical,
industry-relevant experiences ensures that graduates are well-prepared to make meaningful
contributions to the global creative landscape.

Also offered by UCLan in Preston, UK, the BA (Hons) Graphic Design programme stands as
the oldest Graphic Design course in the UK, with a prestigious legacy spanning over 50 years.
This remarkable milestone signifies not only the programme’s historical significance but also
underscores the invaluable experience garnered over decades. The course has consistently
evolved, aligning with industry needs and embracing technological advancements, ensuring a
curriculum that remains at the forefront of contemporary design education.

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Career Options

Graphic design is a creative profession that always remains in strong demand, due to the ways that its underpinning principles inform almost all visual communication which in turn can be applied in almost any other area. Job openings related to graphic design, typography, illustration, and digital design are now being published more often than ever before. This employability potential is anticipated to be even higher in the future as fields related to arts in general and design in particular expand into new frontiers. With the rapid advancement of design technologies, qualified and skilled professionals are becoming more and more essential for almost all industry sectors.

The programme’s knowledge and skill diversity will equip graduates with the necessary expertise to be employed in different sectors (industry, private or government) and as part of different departments including graphic design, digital media, marketing, e-commerce or multimedia. Additionally, they can be employed in design agencies, design studios, digital agencies, advertising agencies, multimedia agencies, marketing agencies, consultancy firms, or even start their own independent graphic design company.

Employability is also embedded in the programme, which contains several features with emphasis on continuous learning and personal development, reflective practice, teamwork skills, industry work and problem-solving skills, through hands-on applied projects. The broad applicability of the programme’s curriculum, combined with the personal capability that the programme engenders, creates highly competent individuals whose value can be recognised by employers.

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