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Welcome to the English Language Foundation Programme of UCLan Cyprus!

Ms Lyda Eleftheriou, BA, MA

Language Academy Coordinator

Welcome to the UCLan Cyprus English Language Foundation Programme, a comprehensive one-year programme offered exclusively for international students (non-EU). Designed to elevate your English language proficiency and prepare you for the rigours of higher education, this course is your gateway to academic success and personal growth under the prestigious UCLan Cyprus Language Academy, setting the stage for a fulfilling university experience.

The English Language Foundation Programme at UCLan Cyprus is meticulously designed to foster holistic development in English language proficiency, combining academic rigour with practical application. Core modules, including English in Academic Contexts, Listening and Speaking Skills, Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Academic Vocabulary and Language, and Language Practice and Application, form the cornerstone of this comprehensive programme.

Our programme is strategically structured to achieve several key objectives. Firstly, we aim to cultivate proficiency across all language skills, empowering you to excel in diverse academic and social contexts. By mastering listening, speaking, reading, and writing, you will navigate the complexities of university-level discourse with confidence and fluency.

Moreover, we prioritise the acquisition of academic vocabulary and language necessary for success in higher education. Through targeted instruction and immersive experiences, you will develop the linguistic sophistication needed to comprehend and articulate complex ideas within your field of study.

Additionally, our course is designed to enhance your communication abilities, fostering the confidence and skillset required for active engagement in class discussions, debates, and academic presentations. These interactive components not only refine your oral proficiency but also nurture your capacity for articulate expression and persuasive argumentation.

Furthermore, the English Language Foundation Programme places a strong emphasis on critical thinking and analytical skills development. Through a variety of reading and writing tasks, you will not only engage deeply with academic texts but also learn to evaluate, analyse, and synthesise information effectively. This prepares you not just for academic success, but also for lifelong learning and professional growth in an ever-evolving global landscape.

The UCLan Cyprus English Language Foundation Programme is more than a language programme — it’s a transformative educational experience designed to equip you with the linguistic, cognitive, and communicative tools essential for academic excellence and personal advancement, thus empowering you to navigate the challenges of higher education and beyond.

At the heart of our English Language Foundation Course is the UCLan Cyprus Language Academy, a beacon of innovation and excellence in language education. The Academy is committed to enhancing your learning experience by offering a wide array of language courses tailored to meet your needs. Utilising the latest teaching methodologies and innovative approaches, the Academy ensures that you are equipped with the skills necessary for the 21st century. Additionally, the Academy provides comprehensive support to develop essential academic skills, from critical thinking to effective communication, ensuring you are well-prepared for academic success.

The programme is designed to provide an exceptional learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities and resources to support your educational journey. You will receive dedicated attention from instructors who are passionate about your success. Furthermore, you will become part of an engaging, multicultural community that encourages collaboration, cultural exchange, and mutual support, enriching your learning experience with diverse perspectives and global insights.

Our selection process evaluates your prior educational achievement, motivation, and commitment, ensuring that you are ready to benefit fully from our comprehensive curriculum.

The specific English Foundation programme is available only to third country students. It is not applicable to EU or EEA (including Cyprus) nationals.

Entry Requirements:

  • Recognised High School Leaving Certificate or equivalent
  • English Language Proficiency at level B1 (IELTS 4.0, or other equivalent as per the list of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth)

Embark on your journey to academic excellence with the UCLan Cyprus English Language Foundation Programme. Here, you will not only master the English language but also develop the skills, confidence, and independence necessary to thrive in higher education and beyond. Join us and become part of a community dedicated to your success and lifelong learning.

Dr Andria Michael

Lecturer in English and Comparative Literature Deputy Course Leader of BA(Hons) English Language and Literature Academic Coordinator of the English Language Foundation Programme

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Dr Asma Al-Hawi

Associate Lecturer in English language and linguistics

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DR Dimitra Dimitriou

Associate Lecturer in Linguistics/English Studies

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Mr Alexander John Kakoullis

Associate Lecturer in English Linguistics/Language Studies, PhD Research Scholar

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Mrs Maria Georgiou

Special Teaching Staff in English Language

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