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work-life employment policies towards Employee turnover

School of Business & Management

Thursday 13th December 2012 13:30 – 14:30 in  Room CY014

The Interplay Between National Work-life Employment Policies & Organizational Practices Towards Employee Turnover

Presented By : Eleni Stavrou-Costea
Associate Professor of Management at the University of Cyprus

The issue of work-life balance (WLB) has been widely studied over the past two decades. However, the majority of extant research has focused at the individual level. The connection of policies and practices between the organizational and national level has been largely ignored. We combine the resource-based view of the firm with institutional theory to link the WLB policy context with firm WLB practices and employee turnover.  We find that both organizational and national-level factors relate to the use of firm mechanisms to support WLB. Further, national WLB policies have some bearing on employee turnover either directly or indirectly, but not necessarily in the most commonly assumed way. During the seminar, findings, the theory base behind them and implications for research, practice and policy making will be discussed.