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UCLan Cyprus

Welcome Message


A warm welcome to UCLan Cyprus, the Enterprising British University delivering educational and training programmes to local and international students , but also to professionals living and working in Cyprus and beyond. 

The vision of the University of Central Lancashire Cyprus is to be recognised as a world-class, research-led university, competing successfully and sustainably within a national and international market. We are a University that is recognised for its commitment to outstanding teaching and practical learning, impactful research, innovative thinking and knowledge transfer that adds value to socio-economic and scientific development across frontiers. 

Our faculty and scholars are distinguished for pioneering initiatives and engagement with industry, professions, entrepreneurs and stakeholder communities. The interaction of research and knowledge transfer with high quality educational and training programmes ensure a currency of knowledge and skills development that in turn will lead graduates to employability routes and access to postgraduate activities. 

Join us in your journey of learning and continuous professional development, become a partner in our cooperative approach to research exploration, innovation and enterprise. 

Our mission is to grow via smart strategies and international partnerships, building excellence in curriculum, teaching and learning, executive and professional training, innovative research, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship in all fields. 

In our continuous efforts to support the student experience, we are focused on engaging with more strategically vital partners to offer internships and build more continuous professional development programmes, research projects and innovative initiatives. 

Internationalisation remains core to the UCLan Cyprus ambition and we will continue to develop our international engagement and reputation. Our aim is to provide students with an international experience, increasing their intercultural awareness and to better prepare them for mastering the complex challenges facing our global economy and society. We invest in international exchanges and mobility of faculty, staff and students across UCLan UK, other globally ranked Universities as well as Corporate Partners. 

We hope you are as enthusiastic as we are about our University’s aspirations and we certainly look forward to taking pride in your progress and success. 

Professor Panikkos Poutziouris BA Economics, MBA, PhD