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What to prepare before you arrive

Make sure you have the following documents with you before departing:

  • Original passport
  • Copy of the Entry Permit (and/or visa stamped on passport)
  • Registration Letter by the University
  • Receipt of Payment of the Deposit to the University
  • Cash money minimum €2,000

Entry Permit

Once you obtain approval from the Republic of Cyprus Immigration Services and your entry permit is granted, you will receive a scanned copy via email. Please print this and keep it safe as the immigration services at the airport will request it upon entry into Cyprus. This permit will be valid only for 15-20 days and within this period you must collect all the documents required to apply for the Student Pink Slip/ Student Visa Application. Once you arrive in Cyprus you have ONLY 15 working days to prepare all the documents required for your immigration appointment. Please make an appointment to see International Admissions Officer and go over the process, by sending an email to [email protected] and write “IMMIGRATION / VISA” in the subject of your email. Failure to make an appointment with the International Admissions Officer immediately after your arrival may lead to a cancellation of your visa. The Student Support Services contact details can be found below: Email: [email protected] Tel. No.: +357 24694082

Student Visa Application

Click here to see what documents you will need to collect within the first 15 days of your arrival.

The following charges will be applicable:
  • Pink slip application fee: €35
  • Pink Slip Card: €70
  • Medical Insurance: €130
  • Medical tests: €60

(Blood tests and x-rays must be repeated once a student arrives to the Republic of Cyprus. This is compulsory by Cyprus law and the immigration services will not compromise this requirement.)

Student Visa Renewal

Once your visa is issued (usually for a duration of 12 months from the date of first arrival to Cyprus) you will then need to renew it every year for as long as you are a student. Click here to download the list of documents you will need for each renewal. If you need to meet with a International Admissions Officer, please make an appointment by sending an email to [email protected]  and write “IMMIGRATION / VISA” in the subject of your email. In accordance with the Migration Regulations and the Cyprus authorities, international students must attend their classes regularly. Students who do not or who do not register for an academic year will have to depart Cyprus.

Getting to the University/ Accommodation


The list does not include all Taxi services; only those with a website and 24 hour service:


  • Local BusYou can pick up maps of Larnaka and Pyla from the University or use internet resources as seen below. The bus service is operated by Cyprus Public Transport.For more information on all routes, please visit the Cyprus Public Transport website: routes are the routes from the nearby surrounding areas to Larnaka and back (this is the one you will mostly use). Rural routes are the routes to and from further away areas in the Larnaka district.To be eligible for a discount, University students can apply for a bus card either online through the Cyprus Public Transport website or in person at one of the designated local points.The bus route that connects Pyla to Larnaka is 424.
  • Intercity BusesIf you want to explore other parts of Cyprus one option is to use the Intercity Buses. Check out the Intercity Buses website to see all available routes: you plan on using the Intercity buses, please inform the Library who will assist you with obtaining the required Student ID Card.


Setting up your University account

  • Please check your personal email regularly, including any junk folders you might have, as you will be receiving further instructions and information about enrolment. If you would like to re-confirm or change the email address you have given us during your application, please do not hesitate to call us at 24 694044 or 24 694000, or email us at [email protected]
  • You will receive an email to your personal email address to ask you to activate your University email account. It is highly important to do this as soon as you receive this email.
  • Click here to see the induction timetable.

Collect your student card

Your student card will be ready for collection within a few days after you have completed your enrolment and induction. Please check with the library staff to ensure it is ready for collection.

Cyprus and the Town of Pyla

Cyprus Please click here to find information from the Cyprus Tourism Organisation regarding the beautiful island of Cyprus. Information is also available here. Larnaka

  • Larnaka is Cyprus’ and one of Europes’ oldest souls; the longest continually inhabited region of the island, with a history that dates back 10,000 years, and the most centrally positioned, offering easy access to other regions.
  • And whilst it is rich in the ancient culture of hundreds of years of contrasting civilizations and architecture, Larnaka is also a thriving and modern European city that offers the best of all worlds.
  • Find out more about Larnaka through the Larnaka Tourism Board.

Life in Pyla

  • Pyla is a village built northeast of the city of Larnaka. It is a community with a rich history and significant archaeological sites.
  • While strolling around Pyla, you will get to see important archaeological sites, a medieval tower, the Folk Art Museum, the Mosque, churches, the Cultural Centre, the old Police Station, as well as a beautiful beach offering several facilities.
  • Find out more about the history of Pyla here.
  • Uniqueness of Pyla   Pyla is the only village in Cyprus that is inhabited by both Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots. The two communities co-exist peacefully in their daily activities.
  • If you find yourself in an accident (car or otherwise)  while in Pyla you will need to contact the university emergency number 97885888.

Things to do


There is a large variety of restaurants /Cafés/Bars/Clubs available in Larnaka and they can all be found here.

  • Larnaka also has chain fast foods and restaurants such as McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, TGI Fridays, Starbucks, Café Nero,  Gloria Jeans, Costa Coffee, Coffee Island.

Shopping Larnaka has a very picturesque city centre where you are able to find everything you can imagine. Some of the supermarkets you can visit can be found below: Malls in Cyprus:

Festivals, Trips, Nightlife

Orientation Orientation sessions will be scheduled upon demand so please feel free to inform the Student Support Services and we will be able to organise an orientation session in Pyla, Larnaka or anywhere else on the island.

Getting Support

In case you would like to speak to someone regarding any issue concerning you or settling in, please contact the UCLan Cyprus Student Support Services on [email protected]