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> €8,500 per year from the original fee of €9,950 after the discount of €1,450 per year UCLan Cyprus Bursary.

> €8,925 for the entire programme of study from the original fee of €10,500 after the discount of €1,575 UCLan Cyprus Bursary.
With the following exemptions:

Academic merit-based scholarships

1) 50% Scholarship on the original fee for the first year of study (payable fees €4,975)
A score of 19/20 (95%) and above or a score of 140 A’ Level (new tariff system) points or IB Diploma 35/45 or equivalent.

2) 40% Scholarship on the original fee for the first year of study (payable fees €5,970)
A score of 18.5/20 (92.5%) and above or a score of 120 A’ Level (new tariff system) points or IB Diploma 30/45 or equivalent.

3) For International Students Scholarships please click here.

Athletic Scholarships

Special bursaries are available for professional athletes. All applicants will be considered on an individual basis by the UCLan Cyprus Athletic Committee.

*For further details please contact the admissions office: admissions@uclancyprus.ac.cy

All scholarships are calculated as a percentage on the original fees: i.e. A 50% scholarship: 50% x €9,950= €4,975.

Up to 30% scholarship on the original fees open to all postgraduate programmes, with a condition that the student passes successfully an interview with the Course Leader and/or Head of the School.

Important Note for PG Scholars: The postgraduate scholarship comes with a number of responsibilities and expectations; they should be exemplar scholars in both their behaviour and performance during class and modules on their postgraduate studies. In case of failure of passing any modules of their Postgraduate degree, the resit module fee will be calculated on the tuition fee that was applicable prior to the scholarship or discount earned.

1) Large Families bursaries (Only for Locals/CY): Members of P.O.P.O. (3 children) are allowed 15% discount on the advertised fee and members of P.O.P. (4 children or more) are allowed 20% discount on the advertised fee, and it is applicable every year of study as long as they show every year the renewed large family’s membership card.
2) Siblings: 10% on the advertised fee for every year of study for all the siblings while studying simultaneously.
3) Alumni: 40% special scholarships on the original fees to UCLan Cyprus AND UCLan UK Alumni/Graduates and 10% discount on the advertised fee to their 1st degree relatives.

For the Scholarship Application Form please contact admissions@uclancyprus.ac.cy

Important Notes
1) All UG Scholarships can be maintained for the next years of study CONDITIONAL on the academic progress of the student each year; they need to achieve 70% on his average grade & at least 60% on each individual module of the year, and as stated in the Offer Letter.
2) For All Students seeking Scholarships, either Undergraduate or Postgraduate or for Athletic, either Locals, EU or International, they need to complete the Scholarship Application Form (SAF) and send it to the Admissions Department along with supporting documentation.
3) In case an applicant is eligible for more than one type of the abovementioned scholarships or bursaries or other decreases on his/her tuition fees then the highest discount from the eligible ones will apply.
4) The percentages of scholarships described within are calculated on the original fees.
5) For part-time Undergraduate students, the scholarships cannot apply as the condition for continuation of the scholarship to next years based on the average grade is not valid. However, discounts and bursaries can be given to Part-Time Undergraduate students.
6) Postgraduate scholarships are available for both full and part-time students.

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1) USB BANK – Education/Student loans available for UCLan Cyprus students, covering the full student expenses (tuition, living expenses, general student expense, etc.). For more information click here.