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€8,500 per year (60 ECTS) from the original fee of €9,950 after the discount of €1,450 per year UCLan Cyprus Bursary.

€8,925 for the entire programme (90 ECTS) from the original fee of €10,500 after the discount of €1,575 UCLan Cyprus Bursary.

With the following exemptions:

For Information on Fee Payment Dates and Methods of Payment click HERE.

These apply to any student regardless of the programme of study.

The below Athletic Scholarships Schemes table applies to Locals students. International students will be considered on a fair basis by the Athletic Scholarships Committee. There might be cases where the prospect exceeds Scheme A, the Athletic Scholarships Committee will be informed by the Admissions Office and accordingly will decide.








Be a full member (existing member when applying) of the Cyprus National Team of the specific sport.

Athlete with Awards from Local Competitions (the last 12 months from applying)

Athletes/Players in Cyprus Football Teams of 1st, 2nd or 3rd Division as well as Basketball and Volleyball Teams of 1st Division.

Other Athletes that are not under the Schemes a, b, c or PASP.

Athletes suggested by PASP.



Year 1: €4975

Year 2: €5500

Year 3: €5975

Year 4: €5975


Year 1: €5500

Year 2: €5975

Year 3: €6500

Year 4: €6500


Year 1: €6000

Year 2: €6500

Year 3: €6900

Year 4: €6900

Maximum Discount is €1000. Applicable all years, and after confirmation by Committee.

50% Scholarship on original fee for All Years


Pass the Year

Average grade 60% per year

Average grade 60% per year

Average grade 60% per year

Average grade of 60% per year, with min 50% per module.

Conditions for maintaining the athletic schemes:  (A) The Student must meet the above academic conditions indicated per scheme each year. (B) The Student must meet his/her financial obligations according to the agreed instalments. (C) The Student must demonstrate good attitude, engagement with university’s sport-related activities and promotion of the university in his/her athletic endeavours. (D) The Student must remain within the scheme’s athletic level.


Academic merit-based scholarships

50% scholarship on the original fee for the first year, that is €4,975 payable tuition fee for year 1. 

Strict Conditions for approval:

Cyprus: 19/20 or 95%

Russia: 4.95/5.0

Ukraine: 4.95/5.0 or 11.8/12

Lebanon: 98% or 3.9/4.0

Jordan: 98% or 3.9/4.0

South Africa: National Senior Certificate 85%

EU: A’ levels 140 tariff points (new tariff system) (in course related subjects) / IB Diploma 35/45

Note: For scholarships applicable to other countries not listed above, please contact our Admissions Office at admissions@uclancyprus.ac.cy 

40% scholarship on the original fee for the first year, that is €5,970 payable tuition fee for year 1. 

Strict Conditions for approval:

Cyprus: 18.5-18.99/20 or 92.5%-94.9%

Russia: 4.85/5.0

Ukraine: 4.85/5.0 or 11.6/12

Lebanon: 95% or 3.7/4.0

Jordan: 95% or 3.7/4.0

South Africa: National Senior Certificate 80%

EU: A’ levels 120 tariff points (new tariff system) in course related subjects / IB Diploma 30/45

Note: For scholarships applicable to other countries not listed above, please contact our Admissions Office at admissions@uclancyprus.ac.cy 


Maximum 30% scholarship on the original fees open to all postgraduate programmes, with a condition that the student passes successfully an interview with the Course Leader and/or Head of the School.

Important Note for PG Scholars: The postgraduate scholarship comes with a number of responsibilities and expectations; they should be exemplar scholars in both their behaviour and performance during class and modules on their postgraduate studies. In case of failure of passing any modules of their Postgraduate degree, the retake module fee will be calculated on the tuition fee that was applicable prior to the scholarship or discount earned.

Municipalities and Communities Bursaries:

Bursaries on students with Cyprus Apolytirio 16.5/20 and above (until 18.49/20) of not more than €1500 each for students with financial difficulties.

Companies and Organisations – Collaborators of the University:

Contact the Corporate Development Manager and Senior Student Recruitment Officer for the list of the scholarships agreed with Companies we offer for each intake.

Large Families bursaries (Only for Locals/CY): Members of P.O.P.O. (3 children) are allowed 15% discount on the advertised fee and members of P.O.P. (4 children or more) are allowed 20% discount on the advertised fee, for the first year of study and a 10% discount, to both P.O.P.O. and P.O.P. members, for each consecutive year of study, as long as they show every year the renewed large family’s membership card.

Siblings: 10% on the advertised fee for every year of study for all the siblings while studying simultaneously.

Alumni: 40% special scholarships on the original fees to UCLan Cyprus AND UCLan UK Alumni/Graduates and 10% discount on the advertised fee to their 1st degree relatives.

Staff Members: 50% on original fee on any programme of study, both UG and PG, applicable also to 1st degree relatives. Friends/Circle of the Staff can get up to €1000 discount on the advertised fee as long as no agent is involved.

The strong affiliation between the British University of Cyprus, UCLan Cyprus, and the Giovani Group generated a unique benefit to Giovani Group’s clientele. Purchase your home from Giovani Group and earn your passport to education, with the Giovani Scholarship.

The Giovani Group will sponsor €11,800 of your child’s undergraduate education.

From €39,800 which is the full tuition fee cost of all 4 years of undergraduate study at UCLan Cyprus, you will only pay €28,000.

In order to secure the Giovani Scholarship, you will need to first have purchased your home/property from Giovani Group.

Then automatically you or any of your family members and acquaintances, will be allowed the Giovani Scholarship.

The member of your family that will proceed with their undergraduate education with UCLan Cyprus will proceed with his/her Application to the University.

The University will evaluate his/her education background and an Offer Letter will be issued to him/her, confirming the Giovani Scholarship. Upon paying a €5,000 deposit the student will be then Register to his/her Programme of Study at UCLan Cyprus and enjoy the Giovani Scholarship.

The next payment will be due the 2nd year of his/her studies.

The balance of €23,000 will be requested to be paid from the 2nd year onwards and will be divided in the years of study remaining for the student. For example, 3 years of study left to completion, means €7,667 per year.

Terms and Conditions of the Giovani Scholarship:

1.The Giovani Scholarship is applicable only to those purchasing a property from the Giovani Group.

2.Upon signing of the Contract of Sales with the Giovani Group and letter will be issued to the owner confirming that they are now eligible to benefit from the Giovani Scholarship, based on the Terms and Conditions hereinafter explained.

3.The beneficiary of the Giovani Scholarship will then need to follow the below steps:

  • Provide the relevant documentation needed for UCLan Cyprus to evaluate the academic qualifications of the applicant. These are: High School Leaving Certificate and English Language level Certificate. In case the applicant does not have an English Language Certificate they can join the English Preparatory Courses of UCLan Cyprus and take the UCLan Cyprus English Placement test instead.
  • Once UCLan Cyprus evaluates the academic qualifications and is satisfied that they meet the minimum entry requirements then an Offer Letter will be issued to the Applicant, by the Admissions Department of UCLan Cyprus.
  • The Offer Letter will note the Giovani Scholarship and the tuition fees per year will be reduced as explained.
  • The only conditions on the Offer Letter that will need to be met in order for the Applicant to be able to Register are:
    • Accept the Offer Letter by signing it off.
    • Pay the 5,000 deposit.
    • Ensure they are eligible to stay in Cyprus, either via the Permanent Residency or Passport or even by proceeding with their Student Visa Application which UCLan Cyprus Admissions Department will support them to do.

4. The Giovani Scholarships are only applicable to Undergraduate Programmes of Study at UCLan Cyprus, for Full Time students, for entry either October or January intakes, for the academic years 2021/2022.

5. The Giovani Scholarship can be assigned to any family member or acquaintance of the owner of the property. The owner of the property must inform the Giovani Group in writing of the person that they are assigning the Giovani Scholarship to.

6. The Giovani Scholarship cannot be exchanged with any monetary benefit.

7. The Giovani Scholarship cannot be combined with any other scholarship or bursary or discount that UCLan Cyprus offers.

USB BANK – Education/Student loans available for UCLan Cyprus students, covering the full student expenses (tuition, living expenses, general student expense, etc.).


(1) All Entry-level scholarships discounts bursaries are dealt and administered by the Admissions Department in coordination with the CFO and COO.

(2) All UG merit-based Scholarships can be maintained for the next years of study CONDITIONAL on the academic progress of the student each year; they need to achieve 70% on his average grade & at least 60% on each individual module of the year, unless otherwise agreed by the COO, and as stated in the Offer Letter. For the Athletic Scholarship the academic condition for each Scheme is listed in the Athletic Scholarships Schemes table on addition to the other conditions.

(3) For All Students seeking Scholarships, other than merit-based (A) or Athletic Schemes (B) which they need to meet the particular criteria to get approved, and they are either Undergraduate or Postgraduate, either Locals, EU or International, the Applicants must complete the Scholarship Application Form (SAF) and send it to the Admissions Department along with supporting documentation.

(4) The Entry Scholarship Committee (members: the COO, the CFO and a member from the Admissions Office) will review the SAF and return it to the Admissions Office. For those scholars who have won a scholarship via entering into competitions or campaigns etc, there is no need for the application to be completed.

(5) In case an applicant is eligible for more than one of the abovementioned scholarships, discounts, bursaries, only the higher will apply.

(6) The percentages of scholarships described within are calculated on the original fees. The percentages of bursaries or discounts, such as 10% for siblings, are calculated on the advertised fees.

(7) For Part Time UG students the scholarships cannot apply as the condition for continuation of the scholarship to next years based on the average grade is not valid. However, discounts and bursaries can be given to Part Time Undergraduate students.

Other Fees

Applicable as at 2021/2022 Academic Year only for New Cohort Students 


1. Application Fee: €50 > Applicable both to Locals/EU and International Students. Non-Refundable.

2. Visa Application Fee: €140 > Applicable to those that will apply for a visa. Non-Refundable.

3. Deposit/Registration fee: (a) €1200 > for Locals/EU, (b) €5000 > for non-EU.

4. Student Pass: €60 for both UG and PG students (except DL students). For UG students this is payable every year of their study. This fee must be payable along with the payment of the deposit.


For the renewal of the entry permit and the issuance of the Temporary Residence Permit (Pink Slip), the following charges apply and are payable to other Authorities/Organisations such as Government, Medical Centres, etc:

1. Pink Slip application fee: €35

2. Alien book fee: €70

3. Medical Insurance: €130

4. Medical tests (blood tests & x-ray): €60

Other Fees:

International Commercial Mediation Module under LLM programmes: €350 per student.

Graduation Fee: A €50 graduation fee is payable by every graduand participating in the graduation ceremony.

Retake of a Module: €600 for every module that needs to be retaken.

APL Module Evaluation Fee: After start of Academic Year, €100 per module evaluation request, regardless of the decision/non-refundable.

APEL Module: The module which is APELed is charged with 25% of the tuition fee of the module.

Official Transcript: Additional official copy requested = €5 per set.

Certified Copy of Degree: €10 per set.

Distance Learning Exam Fee

TUITION FEE PENALTY CHARGE FOR Students that Withdraw (2021/22)

The below table indicates the tuition fee charged for each case, for students that withdraw.

Notes: (a) The percentage of the tuition fee applies to the tuition fee of the year/programme as indicated in the Offer Letter.

             (b) For Part Time students the percentages of charged tuition fee will apply based on the modules taken each year.