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The Faculty of the School of Business and Management is involved with pioneering research that shapes cutting-edge, innovative developments in the business management and entrepreneurial fields, bringing together faculty, students and stakeholders in a synergetic fashion. We are committed to offering our students the knowledge and expertise required to make them the competent leaders of the future.

Our blended-with-research curriculum addresses the industry professional requirements offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the disciplines of: Accounting and Finance; Advertising, Marketing and Communications; Business Administration; English Language; Hospitality and Tourism. In terms of our postgraduate programmes, we are particularly proud of our MBA, which we also offer on a distance-learning mode, and of our Master’s with Internship in Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management. Furthermore, in co-operation with UCLan UK, we offer doctorate programmes at the School, providing a unique supervisory experience to Cyprus-based doctoral students. The School has hosted 12 PhD students (four of whom have already graduated) so far who have been co-supervised by academics from UCLan UK and UCLan Cyprus. It is worth noting that our PhD students are highly committed to their studies with many of them winning awards for their PhD research work (e.g. presentation award at UCLan Research NoW Conference, Preston 2014). Our PhD students also pursue teaching at the University and receive training to become Fellows of the Higher Education Academy.

Our faculty pursues world-class interdisciplinary research, creating social and economic impact, via engagement with entrepreneurs, major industry stakeholders and policy makers. To promote multi-discipline, we have developed a number of research clusters focusing on:

  • Entrepreneurship, g. Family business & entrepreneurship; Cooperation in entrepreneurship; Collective dynamics in entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurial education and learning; Sport Entrepreneurship.
  • Finance Governance & Accounting Research (FIGAR), g. Behavioural finance; Corporate governance; sport governance; Inter-organisational cost management and control; Corporate valuation and corporate structure; Diversity in top management teams; Shipping finance.
  • Hospitality and Tourism, g. Travel behaviour in post-conflict societies; Niche tourism as a contributor to peace; Sport tourism; Emotional labour in the hospitality industry; Social tourism; Dealing with emotions during interactions with aggressive customers.
  • Innovative Education & Linguistics (CIEL), g. Theoretical and applied linguistics; Syntax and semantics; Bilingualism; Multilingualism and dialect acquisition; Teaching and education; Workplace learning; Graphic life narratives; Trauma and testimony in literature, Human rights violations in literature, Syntax interfaces to phonology and semantics.
  • Sustainability & Economic Development (SED), g. Circular Economy; Sustainable economic growth and employment; corporate social responsibility (CSR); Information asymmetries and Income Inequality; Sustainable Agriculture & Business; Education for Sustainable Development; Sustainable Energy Economics; Sustainability Risk Management & Models for SMEs; Digital Economy and Society.

Head of School of Business and Management

Dr Loukas Glyptis, BSc, MSc, PhD, HEA Fellow

Associate Professor of Accounting


Dr Christos AnagnostopoulosDr Olga Kvasova
Dr Katerina AntoniouDr Olga Michael
Dr Salomi DimitriouDr Aspasia Similidou
Dr Irina LokhtinaDr Ioanna Stylianou
Dr Konstantinos KakoudakisDr Fanos Tekelas
Dr Andri KanikliDr Maria Zeniou
Dr Isabella KarasamaniDr Panayiotis Kontakos


Academics in the School are internationally recognized for their high quality and peer-reviewed publications, thereby contributing to the advancement of knowledge in their fields of expertise and to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) that ascertains the ranking of the University.  Also, our scholars engage with external consultancy for industry, government (e.g. Cyprus Sport Organisation, the former Cyprus Tourism Organisation and currently Deputy Ministry of Tourism) and community organisations (Larnaka District Development Agency, Larnaka District City Councils), while they enjoy membership to professional bodies, professional and academic associations, advisory boards, and expert panels. Our academics are also engaged with other research-related activities, which involve them acting as external examiners to research theses, reviewers for peer-reviewed journals and conferences, members of conference organising committees, and guest speakers for seminars, workshops (e.g. Cyprus Economy Review; Energy Developments in Cyprus, Polish National Sport Academy) and trainings.

The School has been involved in a number of national and international research projects either directly or via its association with CEDAR, the Centre of Entrepreneurial Development, Alliance and Research. CEDAR is a non-profit organisation embracing the faculty of UCLan Cyprus and other academic institutions, as well as associate practitioners to pursue knowledge transfer, executive education, research, consulting and outreach activities in entrepreneurship and related disciplinary fields. Overall, academics in the School of Business and Management are constantly engaging with external research funding through bidding and participation in projects under Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, COST, the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, and CIMA.

Examples of projects that the School has been involved with include:

  • Artisan (Erasmus+);
  • Entrepreneurship (OECD);
  • The role of HRM in promoting learning at work and developing employee competitive identity (EU);
  • New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe: Opportunities and Challenges (European Science Foundation, COST Action IS1306);
  • 2Be Connected with Industry (European Social Fund / Cyprus – industry placements);
  • Tourism trends in Famagusta (TEVEA),
  • GReFORM (Erasmus + Sport);
  • SPRING (Erasmus+ KA2);
  • Development and Validation of Language Screening Tool – Pre-primary Care Settings (UCY Internal Funding),

Our scholars also engage with the provision of continued professional development (CPD) training in collaboration with the Cyprus Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA), as well as with consultancy to business managers and entrepreneurs locally and overseas. Furthermore, as part of our postgraduate programmes, we offer additional courses that are geared towards CPD such as the Entrepreneurship Camp, while we also organise international field trips for our students.

Knowledge transfer and outreach activities is another area in which the School is very active, organising events of benefit to the community and to other external stakeholders. The School has been successful in turning some of these events into annual incubators, where business thinking, team-building, problem-solving, capabilities-building and entrepreneurship are bred (e.g. Ideodromio – an annual event for the generation of new, innovative business ideas by high school students; the Business Idea Competition – an event inviting young entrepreneurs to present their idea for a start-up business; the Business Escape Challenge an annual event where young students are invited to solve business-related puzzles; the NextGen Accountant an annual case study-based competition organised in collaboration with the SAP Competence Centre in Germany; the Be a Chancellor of the Exchequer for a Day competition, etc.). The School also engages with the organisation of international research conferences (e.g. the Multinational Finance Society Symposium 2014, The 14th EIASM Family Firm Management Workshop) in 2018, and forums open to key industry stakeholders and policy-makers (e.g. Panoramas of: Entrepreneurship, 2013; European Funding, 2014; Innovation, 2015; Social Enterprise, 2017).

In addition, the School also pursues collaborations with a number of organizations such as SAP University Alliances, the Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, the Cyprus Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus, KPMG, the Cypriot Association for Sport Management (KEDA), and other local and international agencies.