The Psychological Wellbeing and Counselling Centre

The Psychological Wellbeing and Counselling Centre at UCLan Cyprus was established with the purpose of providing professional psychological services and training to students and members of staff of UCLan Cyprus, and to the community. The services offered at the Centre include, but are not limited to, individual psychological therapies, group therapies, psychometric assessments, processional workshops, and seminars. To this end, the main aim of the Centre is to provide support to individuals for any challenges (academic and/or personal) they may be facing and to help them improve their psychological wellbeing by providing a safe and caring environment where they can access counselling services. The Centre also aims to train and educate individuals through workshops and seminars, which can promote mental health and improve people’s knowledge in the field of psychology. 

Beyond the services offered, the Psychological Wellbeing and Counselling Centre also engages in Psychology related research, contributing in the advancement of the field through its ongoing innovative research projects. 

The Centre is managed by UCLan Cyprus academics and professional psychologists, with the assistance of UCLan Cyprus postgraduate psychology students carrying out their practicum.

The students and members of staff of UCLan Cyprus, and the community, are encouraged, freely and without any prejudice, to contact the centre for support on the following matters:

  • Low academic performance
  • Lack of motivation to attend lectures
  • Changes in mood and behaviour
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Relationships
  • Grief
  • Interpersonal or social problems
  • Low self-esteem or self-confidence

General Services Provided by the Centre:

  • Individual & Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Stress Management
  • Parental Consultation
  • Forensic Assessments 
  • Psychological Testing & Evaluations
  • Professional Seminars & Workshops

The Centre’s services are offered to the public with a nominal fee of €50 (Fifty Euros) for 10 sessions. The Centre’s services are free only for UCLan Cyprus students.

Emergencies Rules & Regulations

Arrange a Meeting

To initiate the processing of your appointment request, kindly complete this questionnaire: link: This will help us identify the most suitable counsellor for you. Then complete the following online form.

A member of staff from the Counselling Centre will then contact you to arrange an appointment with you. The communication is conducted either through the phone line of the Counseling Centre 24694050 or via e-mail from the address [email protected].   

Please ensure that your contact details (contact phone number or email address) are entered correctly and that you check your email regularly.
Please note that the Counselling Centre has a waiting list and people are served in order of priority.