Erasmus+ Testimonials

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  • Alexandra GiniBA (Hons) in International Tourism Management

Studies Mobility from UCLan UK.

Taking part in the Erasmus program in Cyprus was an experience of a lifetime. Although I went during the pandemic and only had the opportunity to attend the university physically until October, it was still amazing. I met so many people that made the experience so unique and fantastic. I will cherish the unique experiences and unforgettable memories for the rest of my life. I would recommend UCLan Cyprus to anyone who is looking to study abroad, you will not regret it.

  • Vasil VasilevBSc Computing – Software Engineering pathway Student Traineeship Mobility / UCLan Cyprus

Erasmus+ provided me the opportunity to participate in a traineeship in the Czech Republic, Brno, at BIC R&D company for three months. This was a very useful experience. Working abroad has been an advantage in various ways, specifically in that it has improved my communication skills, getting to learn about a new culture and broaden my personal experiences. My experience working at this great company as a web developer helped me to evolve my communication skills, working as a part of a team and working on projects, thus gaining valuable work experience!

  • Dr Loukas GlyptisLecturer in Accounting and Finance Staff, Teaching Mobility / UCLan Cyprus

As a bachelor’s student I never seized the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus exchange, something which I always considered as a missed opportunity. It took a number of years for this great opportunity to arise again, but now within a different context, and with a much more challenging and rewarding objective. Having now participated in an Erasmus Teaching Mobility at the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport of the University of the Aegean, in my capacity as lecturer in Accounting at UCLan Cyprus, I have eventually benefited from the Erasmus experience. Improved networking, awareness of teaching and research interests developing in the sending and visiting University, scope for future research collaboration, as well as the joy of offering research-informed teaching to a different audience of students were some of the rewards I enjoyed from my teaching mobility! I wish I can repeat this in the future!

  • Elena RotiLibrarian Staff Traineeship Mobility / UCLan Cyprus

My experience in Patra is one of the most beautiful memories I have and I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in the training through Erasmus+. I participated in the 2nd Erasmus Staff Mobility Week in the Library & Information Center of the University of Patras for Librarians. I have met librarians from all over Europe, shared ideas, concerns and solutions with them about various library issues that affect our daily work. This week was sufficient for me to enrich my knowledge and learn about new librarian tools that can assist library users. I am looking forward to participate in a similar training again as it has been very useful in enriching my knowledge in my work area.

  • Dr Nearchos PaspallisLecturer in Computing, Staff Traineeship Mobility / UCLan Cyprus

Erasmus+ offered me the chance to widen my knowledge and expand my research activities. I was hosted at the University of Lille 1 and Inria Lille in France by Dr Romain Rouvoy. I have received a presentation on the various research programmes of the lab and exchanged expertise knowledge in topics such as context-aware and self-adaptive mobile systems. In addition to the educational part of the mobility, I had the chance to learn about the traditions and history of Lille. Furthermore, I learned about the first fully automated train that was designed at the beginning of the ‘80s by a professor at the local university that is already functioning in other cities beyond Lille.

  • Vlasia HadjioannouBSc Psychology / Student Traineeship Mobility in Greece

Student Traineeship Mobility in Greece The traineeship at the University of Ioannina was a great experience! It has provided me with valuable knowledge that will be very useful when I am writing my Dissertation. I would definitely recommend this to other students as it is a great opportunity to develop as a person and get to know people from other cultures.

  • Sofya KurepinaBA Hospitality and Tourism Management / Study Mobility at Stralsund University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Erasmus is not simply a year abroad. It`s a small life within your university years where you meet a lot of friends from different parts of the world, learn new ways of thinking and new cultures. You also face challenges and need to overcome difficulties, however it becomes the greatest experience that you remember for long and use in your future life!

  • Chrysavgi PateraBA Business Administration / Study Mobility at UCLan, UK

Participating in Erasmus is a unique experience that I would recommend to everyone because you get to meet people from different cultures, know the country you are visiting and grow as a person.

  • Christos ShiatisMSc Marketing Management / Graduate Student Traineeship Mobility

I had been looking for opportunity to combine my bachelor studies and my masters studies and this offer come through an Erasmus+ traineeship at Label Line, UK. I was impressed by the level of professionalism exhibited by this small-medium enterprise and the motivation it gives to its employees to always to their best. Being in the UK and having adapted to the culture, were contributing factors in finding a job at a larger company in the UK at the end of my traineeship. This has been a goal of mine for a long time and participating in Erasmus+ has allowed me to achieve this.