SED: Cluster of Sustainability and Economic Development

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SED Vision
To inspire, guide and support companies to do business responsibly and take action for a more sustainable future in Cyprus.

SED Aims
The Sustainability and Economic Development UCLan Cyprus research group aims to produce interdisciplinary cutting-edge research in the field of sustainability and economic development, using innovative collaborations and strategic multi-stakeholder partnerships.

SED Activities
• Research publications contributing to academic knowledge in the fields of sustainability and economic development
• MA & MBA research work in the fields of business administration, management & finance.
• PhD research work in sustainability & economics including circular economy, SDGs, sustainable international business and investments, blue growth and corporate governance

  • Organising and developing KT activities e.g. HRDA and other seminar/workshops focusing on research in corporate sustainability initiatives
    • Participation partnerships in interdisciplinary research proposals for EU funding (e.g. Horizon 2020, Erasmus +) on topics related to circular economy and Sustainable Development Goals

Research themes
• Sustainable Investments, including sustainable FDIs
• Circular Economy Business Models
• Blue Growth & Entrepreneurship

Teaching programmes:
• MBA Master Business Administration

  • BA in Business Administration
    • BA in Accounting and Finance
  • BA in Advertising and Marketing Communications

In cooperation with other universities and stakeholder organizations interested in the promotion of sustainable economic development, SED have led a number of initiatives, such as: Open forums, development seminars and workshops, involving local and international academics, practitioners, publishing houses, entrepreneurs, local partners and students.

Academic workshops & Conferences
• Applying Circular Economy principles for Sustainable Tourism, 2020-21, Member of the Stakeholder Working Group, Dr Panayiotis Kontakos, UCLan Cyprus.
• A Roadmap for Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into EU Member States and Business Practices, Member of the Stakeholder Group, ANETEL, 2017-2020, Dr Panayiotis Kontakos, UCLan Cyprus.

  • Participation at 3rd Euro-Mediterranean Conference 2018, www.smartbluecity, Larnaca, October 5-6, 2018.

Local Seminars
UCLan, Cyprus, SoBM/MBA Workshop Series on Practitioners Perspectives, 2017-2020

UCLan, Cyprus, SoBM Research Series, 2017-20120

UCLan Cyprus, MBA Webinars, 2020

Research projects & collaborations
SED faculty is involved in externally funded projects and collaborations under ERASMUS+, Interreg Europe, Interreg Mediterranean, Incircle, Horizon 2020, HRDA supported Executive Courses. Further, the cluster is working on a number of research activities in collaboration with Larnaca District Development Agency (ANETEL), Larnaca Municipality and the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development, Alliance & Research (CEDAR). Further, it collaborates with UCLan Research Centre for Business, Management and Enterprise

Staff and Research Interests
Dr Panayiotis Kontakos: Sustainable international business and foreign investments, blue growth and entrepreneurship, sustainable banking, circular business models.

Dr Ioanna Stylianou: Econometrics and macroeconomics with emphasis on the implications of model uncertainty on economic growth, growth volatility and employment volatility.

Dr Christiana Anaxagorou: Political economy and development economics with a focus on foreign aid allocation and its effects on economic growth and public finance.

Dr Maria Zeniou: Collaborative learning and knowledge creation, pedagogic design for authentic and creative learning, innovation technologies, professional development and mindful leadership.

Dr Christos Anagnostopoulos: social responsibility of and through sport; responsible sport governance.

PhD Students: Daniela Amura.

Associate Faculty: Dr Hussein Abdou, Dr Philip Kostov, UCLan UK

Research Associates (scholars and professionals): Dr Virginia Zhelyazkova, VUZF University Bulgaria, Mr Marios Papageorgiou, Enalia Physis Cyprus, Dr Ganesh Nathan, FHNW Switzerland.