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The 2BeConnected  Liaison Office of UCLan Cyprus  links students with the Cypriot industry and operates within the framework of the European project “Liaison Offices with the Labour Market”, coined 2BeConnected.

The project aims:

  • to establish a link between the academic community and the industry
  • to establish student placements, based on the objectives of their module/course requirements, in organisations located in the Republic of Cyprus
  • to achieve the integration of student placement modules into the curricula of the University.

Ultimately, the 2BeConnected Liaison Office contributes to a better and more productive communication and cooperation between the Universities and the industry sector on issues such as addressing modern industry problems, promoting collaborations, allowing students to experience the business environment, transferring of specialised know-how and cultivating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in businesses and academia in Cyprus.

The project is co-funded by the Structural Funds of the European Union (European Social Fund) and by national funds.


What students gain from an internship/placement to an industry sector of my choice through the 2BeConnected placement project:

  • Practical experience
  • Networking and contacts
  • Transfer of knowledge/skills to/from company
  • Improving your employability
  • Receive compensation by the project (up to €500) and additional payment by the organisations (only applicable in some cases)
  • Receive job offers

Placements options:

  • part of an undergraduate and postgraduate thesis projects
  • part of your module assessment requirements
  • a semester placement based on your module

How to apply:

Register on the 2BeConnected placement platform by clicking here and apply to benefit from placement opportunities.


What organisations gain from participating in the 2BeConnected placement project:

  • Transfer of knowledge/skills to your company from high-quality interns
  • Complete small to medium-scale projects with a small budget
  • Promote your profile to UCLan Cyprus students
  • Test out future employees for free (there is no financial burden as the student is compensated by the project)

How to offer a placement:
Register on the 2BeConnected placement platform by clicking here and benefit from offering placement opportunities.


Student’s and academic’s testimonial in “InBusiness News”, October 2021.
“2BeConnected Liaison Offices. How UCLan Cyprus connects students with the industry through the 2BeConnected project”.
Γραφεία Διασύνδεσης: Αρωγός στην εκπαίδευση νέων… | IN Business News | Υπηρεσίες (reporter.com.cy)

UCLan Cyprus Liaison officer participating at UCLan Cyprus Open day

UCLan Cyprus BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Sciences students, participating at 2BeConnected

UCLan Cyprus awards 5 Cypriot businesses for their contribution on the initiative “Liaison Offices with the Labour Market”. Read more here.


Students interested, can contact the 2BeConnected Liaison office via email on [email protected]